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Herrick, (Poet) Robert

o Abel's Blood

o Affliction

o All Things Decay And Die

o All Things Run Well For The Righteous

o Alms

o Ambition [epigram]

o Amores To Groves

o Amores: Mrs Eliz: Wheeler, Under The Name Of The Lost Shepherdess

o Anacreontic

o Angels

o Another Ceremony

o Another Grace For A Child

o Another New-Year's Gift: Or, Song For The Circumcision

o Another Of God

o Another To God

o Another To His Saviour

o Anthea's Retractation

o Apparition Of His, Mistress, Calling Him To Elysium, The

o Apron Of Flowers, The

o Argument Of His Book, The

o Art Above Nature: To Julia

o Ass, The

o Bad Season Makes The Poet Sad, The

o Bag Of The Bee, The

o Barley-Break; Or, Last In Hell

o Beggar To Mab, The Fairy Queen, The

o Beginnings And Endings

o Bell-Man [Along the dark and silent night], The

o Bell-Man [From noise of scare-fires rest ye free], The

o Bleeding Hand; Or The Sprig Of Eglantine Given To A Maid, The

o Bracelet To Julia, The

o Bride-Cake, The

o Bubble: A Song, The

o Bucolic Betwixt Two; Lacon And Thyrsis, A

o Burial [epigram]

o Calling And Correcting

o Canticle To Apollo, A

o Captive Bee; Or, The Little Filcher, The

o Carol Presented To Dr. Williams, Bishop Of Lincoln As A New-Year's Gift, A

o Casualties [epigram]

o Ceremonies For Candlemas Day, The

o Ceremonies For Candlemas Eve

o Ceremony Upon Candlemas Eve

o Changes: To Corinna, The

o Cheat Of Cupid; Or, The Ungentle Guest, The

o Cherry Ripe

o Chewing The Cud, The

o Christ's Action

o Christ's Part

o Christ's Twofold Coming

o Christ's Words On The Cross: My God, My God

o Christmas Carol Sung To The King In The Presence At Whitehall, A

o Clothes For Continuance

o Cock-Crow

o Comfort To A Youth That Had Lost His Love

o Coming Of Good Luck, The

o Coming To Christ

o Confession

o Conjuration: To Electra, A

o Corina's Going A Maying

o Correction

o Country Life: To His Brother, Mr Thomas Herrick, A

o Country Life: To The Honoured Mr Endymion Porter, The

o Cruel Maid, The

o Crutches

o Definition Of Beauty [epigram], The

o Delight In Disorder

o Description Of A Woman, The

o Dialogue Betwixt Himself And Mistress Eliza Wheeler, Under The Name Of Amarillis, A

o Dirge Of Jephthah's Daughter: Sung By The Virgins, The

o Doomsday

o Dreams [epigram]

o Earrings

o Epitaph On The Tomb Of Sir Edward Giles And His Wife In The South Aisle

o Epitaph Upon A Child, An

o Epitaph Upon A Virgin, An

o Eternity

o Eucharist, The

o Evil

o Fairies, The

o Fairy Temple; Or, Oberon's Chapel, The

o Faith

o Farewell Frost, Or Welcome Spring

o Felicity Quick Of Flight [epigram]

o Four Things Make Us Happy Here [epigram]

o Funeral Rites Of The Rose, The

o God And The King, The

o God Has A Twofold Part

o God Is One

o God Not To Be Comprehended

o God To Be First Served

o God's Anger

o God's Anger Without Affection

o God's Blessing

o God's Bounty

o God's Descent

o God's Dwelling

o God's Gifts Not Soon Granted

o God's Grace

o God's Hands

o God's Keys

o God's Mercy

o God's Mirth: Man's Mourning

o God's Pardon

o God's Part

o God's Presence [God's evident, and may be said to be]

o God's Presence [god's Present Everywhere, But Most Of All]

o God's Providence

o God's Time Must End Our Trouble

o God, And Lord

o Good Christians

o Good Friday: Rex Tragicus; Or, Christ Going To His Cross

o Good Men Afflicted Most

o Good Precepts, Or Counsel

o Goodness Of His God, The

o Grace For A Child

o Graces For Children

o Great Grief, Great Glory

o Hag, The

o Heart, The

o Heart [epigram], The

o Hell

o Hell Fire

o Her Bed

o His Age: Dedicated To His Peculiar Friend, Mr John Wickes

o His Coming To The Sepulchre

o His Confession

o His Content In The Country

o His Covenant Or Protestation To Julia

o His Creed

o His Desire

o His Dream

o His Ejaculation To God

o His Grange, Or Private Wealth

o His Last Request To Julia

o His Litany To The Holy Spirit

o His Litany, To The Holy Spirit

o His Loss [epigram]

o His Meditation Upon Death

o His Mistress To Him At His Farewell

o His Offering, With The Rest, At The Sepulchre

o His Petition

o His Poetry His Pillar

o His Prayer For Absolution

o His Prayer To Ben Jonson

o His Request To Julia

o His Return To London

o His Sailing From Julia

o His Saviour's Words Going To The Cross

o His Winding-Sheet

o His Wish To God

o His Wish To Privacy

o His Words To Christ Going To The Cross

o Hock-Cart, Or Harvest Home, The

o Honours Are Hindrances

o How His Soul Came Ensnared

o How Pansies Or Hearts-Ease Came First

o How Springs Came First

o Humility

o Hymn To Bacchus, A

o Hymn To Love, A

o Hymn To The Graces, A

o Hymn To The Muses, An

o Hymn To Venus And Cupid, A

o I Call And I Call

o Impossibilities: To His Friend

o Invitation, The

o Judgment-Day, The

o Kiss: A Dialogue, The

o Kissing Usury

o Labour

o Lasciviousness

o Life Is The Body's Light

o Lily In A Crystal, The

o Lip-Labour, An

o Loading And Unloading

o Loss From The Least [epigram]

o Love Dislikes Nothing

o Love Lightly Pleased

o Love, What It Is [epigram]

o Lovers How They Come And Part

o Mad Maid's Song, The

o Man's Dying-Place Uncertain [epigram]

o Manna

o Matins, Or Morning Prayer

o Maypole, The

o Mean In Our Means [epigram], A

o Meditation For His Mistress, A

o Men Mind No State In Sickness

o Mercy

o Mercy and Love

o Mirth

o Mirth [epigram]

o Money Makes The Mirth [epigram]

o Montes Scripturarum: The Mounts Of The Scriptures

o Mora Sponsi, The Stay Of The Bridegroom

o Mr. Herrick: His Daughter's Dowry

o Mr. Robert Herrick: His Farewell Unto Poetry

o Musae Graviores -- A Thanksgiving To God, For His House

o Neutrality Loathsome

o New Charon: Upon The Death Of Henry, Lord Hastings, The

o New-Year's Gift, The

o New-Year's Gift Sent To Sir Simeon Steward, A

o New-Year's Gift: Or, Circumcision's Song, The

o Night Piece: To Julia, The

o No Coming To God Without Christ

o No Escaping The Scourging

o No Fault In Women

o No Man Without Money [epigram]

o No Pains, No Gains [epigram]

o None Truly Happy Here

o North And South

o Not Every Day Fit For Verse

o Nothing Free-Cost [epigram]

o Number Of Two, The

o Oberon's Feast

o Observation

o Ode For Ben Jonson, An

o Ode Of The Birth Of Our Saviour, An

o Ode On The Birth Of Our Saviour, An Christmas poem

o Ode To Sir Clipsby Crew, An

o Ode, Or Psalm To God, An

o Of Love: A Sonnet

o Old Wives' Prayer, The

o Olive Branch, The

o On A Perfumed Lady

o On Heaven

o On Himself [A wearied pilgrim I have wander'd here]

o On Himself [epigram]

o On Himself [I'll write no more of love, but now repent]

o On Himself [Lost To The World; Lost To Myself; Alone]

o On Himself [Weep for the dead, for they have lost this light]

o On Love [epigram]

o Orpheus

o Pain Ends In Pleasure

o Panegyric To Sir Lewis Pemberton, A

o Paranaeticall, Or Advisive Verse To His Friend, Mr John Wicks, A

o Parasceve, Or Preparation, The

o Parcae; Or, Three Dainty Destinies: The Armilet, The

o Pardon

o Pardons [epigram]

o Parliament Of Roses To Julia, The

o Pastoral Sung To The King, A

o Pastoral Upon The Birth Of Prince Charles, A

o Patience: Or, Comforts In Crosses

o Peace Not Permanent [epigram]

o Persecutions Profitable

o Persecutions Purify

o Plaudite, Or End Of Life, The

o Poor's Portion, The

o Posting To Printing [epigram]

o Poverty And Riches [epigram]

o Pray And Prosper

o Prayer

o Prayers Must Have Poise

o Present Time Best Pleaseth [epigram], The

o Present; Or, The Bag Of The Bee, The

o Primrose, The

o Purposes

o Recompense, The

o Request To The Graces, A

o Reverence

o Riches And Poverty

o Roaring

o Rock Of Rubies, And The Quarry Of Pearls, The

o Rod, The

o Rose, The

o Sabbaths

o Safety On The Shore [epigram]

o Salutation

o Satan

o Satisfaction For Sufferings [epigram]

o Shower Of Blossoms, The

o Silence

o Sin

o Sin And Strife

o Sin Seen

o Sin [there Is No Evil That We Do Commit]

o Sinners

o Sins Loathed, And Yet Loved

o Sobriety In Search

o Soft Music

o Song. His Mistress To Him At His Farewell

o Staff And Rod, The

o Star-Song: A Carol To The King Sung At Whitehall, The

o Succession Of The Four Sweet Months, The

o Sum And The Satisfaction, The

o Tapers

o Tears And Laughter [epigram]

o Tears [God From Our Eyes All Tears Hereafter Wipes]

o Tears [Our present tears here, not our present laughter]

o Temporal Goods

o Temptation [God Tempteth No One, As St. Austin Saith]

o Temptation [Those saints which God loves best]

o Thanksgiving, A

o Thanksgiving To God For His House, A

o Things Mortal Still Mutable [epigram]

o This Crosstree Here

o Three Fatal Sisters

o To A Gentlewoman, Objecting To Him His Gray Hairs

o To Anthea [Anthea, I Am Going Hence]

o To Anthea [Now Is The Time When All The Lights Wax Dim]

o To Anthea, Who May Command Him Any Thing

o To Bacchus: A Canticle

o To Be Merry

o To Blossoms

o To Carnations: A Song

o To Christ

o To Daffadils

o To Daisies, Not To Shut So Soon

o To Death

o To Dianeme [Dear, though to part it be a hell]

o To Dianeme [Give me one kiss]

o To Dianeme [I could but see thee yesterday]

o To Dianeme [Sweet, be not proud of those two eyes]

o To Electra

o To Enjoy The Time [epigram]

o To Find God

o To God [come To Me, God; But Do Not Come]

o To God [Do with me, God, as Thou didst deal with John]

o To God [God gives not only corn for need]

o To God [God Is All Sufferance Here; Here He Doth Show]

o To God [God! To My Little Meal And Oil]

o To God [God's Undivided, One In Persons Three]

o To God [I'll come, I'll creep, though Thou dost threat]

o To God [If I Have Played The Truant, Or Have Here]

o To God [Lord, I Am Like To Mistletoe]

o To God [Make, make me Thine, my gracious God]

o To God [Pardon Me, God, Once More I Thee Entreat]

o To God [Thou hast promis'd, Lord, to be]

o To God [With Golden Censers, And With Incense, Here]

o To God, His Gift

o To God: An Anthem Sung In The Chapel At Whitehall Before The King

o To God: His Good Will

o To God: On His Sickness

o To Heaven

o To His Angry God

o To His Book [Go Thou Forth, My Book, Though Late]

o To His Book [If Hap It Must, That I Must See Thee Lie]

o To His Book [Make haste away, and let one be]

o To His Conscience

o To His Dear God

o To His Dying Brother, Master William Herrick

o To His Ever-Loving God

o To His Honoured And Most Ingenious Friend Mr Charles Cotton

o To His Kinswoman, Mistress Susanna Herrick

o To His Lovely Mistresses

o To His Mistress, Objecting To Him Neither Toying Or Talking

o To His Muse

o To His Paternal Country

o To His Peculiar Friend, Mr John Wicks

o To His Saviour's Sepulchre: His Devotion

o To His Saviour, A Child; A Present, By A Child Christmas poem

o To His Sweet Saviour

o To His Verses

o To Julia

o To Keep A True Lent

o To Laurels

o To Live Freely [epigram]

o To Live Merrily, And To Trust To Good Verses

o To Meadows

o To Mistress Katharine Bradshaw, The Lovely, That Crowned Him With Laurel

o To Music [Begin to charm, and as thou strok'st mine ears]

o To Music, To Becalm A Sweet Sick Youth

o To Music, To Becalm His Fever

o To Music: A Song

o To Oenone

o To Pansies

o To Perenna

o To Perllla

o To Phillis, To Love And Live With Him

o To Primroses Filled With Morning Dew

o To Robin Red-Breast

o To Sapho

o To Silvia

o To Silvia To Wed

o To Sir Clipsby Crew

o To The Genius Of His House

o To The Handsome Mistress Grace Potter

o To The Lady Crewe, Upon The Death Of Her Child

o To The Maids, To Walk Abroad

o To The Rose: Song

o To The Virgins, To Make Much Of Time

o To The Water-Nymphs Drinking At The Fountain

o To The Willow-Tree

o To Violets

o To Youth [epigram]

o Transfiguration, The

o Truth And Error [epigram]

o Twelfth Night; Or, King And Queen

o Upon A Child

o Upon A Child That Died

o Upon A Delaying Lady

o Upon A Maid

o Upon A Painted Gentlewoman [epigram]

o Upon Cupid

o Upon God [God is not only said to be]

o Upon God [God, When He Takes My Goods And Chattels Hence]

o Upon Her Eyes

o Upon Her Feet

o Upon Himself

o Upon His Gray Hairs

o Upon His Sister-In-Law, Mistress Elizabeth Herrick

o Upon Julia's Clothes

o Upon Julia's Hair Filled With Dew

o Upon Julia's Recovery

o Upon Julia's Ribbon

o Upon Julia's Voice

o Upon Love [A crystal vial Cupid brought]

o Upon Love [I held Love's head while it did ache]

o Upon Love: By Way Of Question And Answer

o Upon Man [epigram]

o Upon Master Fletcher's Incomparable Plays

o Upon Mrs Eliz. Wheeler, Under The Name Of Amarillis

o Upon Parting

o Upon Roses

o Upon Tears [epigram]

o Upon The Detracter [epigram]

o Upon The Loss Of His Mistresses

o Upon Time

o Upon Woman And Mary

o Upon Wrinkles [epigram]

o Virgin Mary, The

o Voice And Viol, The

o Vow To Venus, A

o Wages

o Wake, The

o Want [epigram]

o Wassail A Christmas poem

o Watch [epigram], The

o Way, The

o What God Is

o When He Would Have His Verses Read

o Whips

o White Island, Or Place Of The Blest, The

o Why Flowers Change Colour

o Widows' Tears; Or, Dirge Of Dorcas, The

o Will The Cause Of Woe, The

o Will To Be Working, A

o Wlt Punished Prospers Most [epigram]

o Wounded Heart, The

o Writing [Epigram]