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Harte, Bret

o "Cicely" from 'In Dialect'

o "Crotalus"

o "For The King" from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'

o "How Are You, Sanitary?" from 'National'

o "Jim" from 'In Dialect'

o "Seventy-Nine" from 'In Dialect'

o "The Babes In The Woods" from 'In Dialect'

o "The Return Of Belisarius" from 'In Dialect'

o "Twenty Years"

o Address

o After The Accident from 'In Dialect'

o Aged Stranger, The from 'National'

o Alnaschar

o Angelus, The from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'

o Arctic Vision, An from 'National'

o Artemis In Sierra from 'In Dialect'

o Aspiring Miss De Laine

o At The Hacienda from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'

o Avitor from 'Parodies'

o Ballad Of Mr. Cooke, The from 'Parodies'

o Ballad Of The Emeu, The from 'Parodies'

o Battle Bunny from 'National'

o Before The Curtain from 'Parodies'

o Birds Of Cirencester, The

o Cadet Grey from 'National'

o Caldwell Of Springfield from 'National'

o California Madrigal from 'Parodies'

o California's Greeting To Seward from 'National'

o Chiquita from 'In Dialect'

o Concepcion De Arguello from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'

o Copperhead, The from 'National'

o Coyote

o Dickens In Camp

o Dolly Varden

o Don Diego Of The South from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'

o Dow's Flat from 'In Dialect'

o Excelsior

o Fate

o Friar Pedro's Ride from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'

o Further Language From Truthful James from 'In Dialect'

o Geological Madrigal, A from 'Parodies'

o Ghost That Jim Saw, The from 'In Dialect'

o Goddess, The from 'National'

o Grandmother Tenterden

o Greyport Legend, A

o Grizzly

o Guild's Signal

o Half An Hour Before Supper

o Hawk's Nest, The from 'In Dialect'

o Her Last Letter

o Her Letter from 'In Dialect'

o His Answer To "Her Letter" from 'In Dialect'

o Homely Pathetic, The from 'Parodies'

o Idyl Of Battle Hollow, The from 'National'

o Idyl Of The Road, An from 'In Dialect'

o In The Mission Garden from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'

o In The Tunnel from 'In Dialect'

o Jack Of The Tules from 'In Dialect'

o John Burns Of Gettysburg from 'National'

o Latest Chinese Outrage, The from 'In Dialect'

o Legend Of Cologne, A

o Legends Of The Rhine, The from 'Parodies'

o Lines To A Portrait, By A Superior Person

o Lines To A Water-Fowl from 'Urban Sketches'

o Lone Mountain

o Lost Galleon, The from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'

o Lost Tails Of Miletus, The from 'Parodies'

o Luke from 'In Dialect'

o Madrono

o Master Johnny's Next-Door Neighbor from 'Little Posterity'

o Miracle Of Padre Junipero, The from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'

o Miss Blanche Says from 'National'

o Miss Edith Makes Another Friend from 'Little Posterity'

o Miss Edith Makes It Pleasant For Brother Jack from 'Little Posterity'

o Miss Edith's Modest Request from 'Little Posterity'

o Mission Bells Of Monterey, The

o Moral Vindicator, A from 'Parodies'

o Mountain Heart's-Ease, The

o Mrs. Judge Jenkins from 'Parodies'

o Newport Romance, A

o North Beach from 'Parodies'

o Off Scarborough from 'National'

o Old Camp-Fire, The

o Old Major Explains, The from 'National'

o On A Cone Of The Big Trees

o On A Pen Of Thomas Starr King from 'National'

o On The Landing from 'Little Posterity'

o On William Francis Bartlett

o Our Privilege from 'National'

o Penelope from 'In Dialect'

o Personified Sentimental, The from 'Parodies'

o Plain Language From Truthful James from 'In Dialect'

o Poem Delivered On The 14th Anniversary Of California's Admission Into The Union from 'National'

o Question Of Privilege, A from 'In Dialect'

o Ramon from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'

o Relieving Guard from 'National'

o Reveille, The from 'National'

o Ritualist, The from 'Parodies'

o San Francisco

o Sanitary Message, A from 'National'

o Second Review Of The Grand Army, A from 'National'

o Society Upon The Stanislaus, The from 'In Dialect'

o Spelling Bee At Angels, The from 'In Dialect'

o St. Thomas from 'National'

o Stage-Driver's Story, The from 'In Dialect'

o Station-Master Of Lone Prairie, The

o Tale Of A Pony, The

o Telemachus Versus Mentor

o Thompson Of Angels from 'In Dialect'

o Thought-Reader Of Angels, The from 'In Dialect'

o To A Sea-Bird

o To The Pliocene Skull from 'Parodies'

o Truthful James To The Editor from 'In Dialect'

o Two Ships, The

o What Miss Edith Saw From Her Window from 'Little Posterity'

o What The Bullet Sang

o What The Chimney Sang

o What The Engines Said from 'Parodies'

o What The Wolf Really Said To Little Red Riding-Hood

o Willows, The from 'Parodies'

o Wonderful Spring Of San Joaquin, The from 'Spanish Idyls and Legends'