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Gent, Thomas

o 1827; or, The Poet's Last Poem

o Address To Albion

o Anacreontic

o Auri Sacra Fames

o Beggar, The Sonnet

o Bertram And Anna

o Black Eyes And Blue

o Blue-Eyed Maid, The

o Chain-Pier, Brighton, The

o Complaint, The

o Constancy

o Content

o Elegy On The Death Of Abraham Goldsmid, Esq.

o Epistle To A Friend

o Epitaph On Matilda

o Fragment, A

o Gipsy's Home, The

o Grave Of Dibdin, The

o Heliotrope, The

o Henry And Eliza

o Here In Our Fairy Bowers We Dwell

o Heroes Of Waterloo, The

o Hymn

o Impromptu, To Oriana...at A Christening

o In The Manner Of The Moderns Sonnet

o Invocation To Sleep

o Lines Delivered After...A Play At A Young Ladies' Boarding School

o Lines Suggested By The Death Of The Princess Charlotte

o Lines Written In A Copy Of The Poem On Princess Charlotte

o Lines Written In Hornsey Wood

o Lines Written On Seeing The Children Of The Naval Asylum

o Lines Written On The Sixth Of September

o Lines, To The Memory Of A Lady

o Love

o Mary

o Mature Reflections

o Mister Punch

o Monody: To The Memory Of The Right Honourable Richard Brinsley Sheridan

o Morning Sonnet

o Morning Call, The

o Night Sonnet

o Night-Blowing Cereus, The

o Night-Storm, A

o Oh! Never Will I Leave My Love Song

o On A Delightful Drawing In My Album

o On A Spirited Portrait In My Album

o On Reading The Poem Of "Paris"

o On Seeing A Young Lady, I Had Previously Known, Confined In A Madhouse Sonnet

o On The Beautiful Portrait Of Mrs. Foreman, As Pandora

o On The Death Of Dr. Abel

o On The Death Of Lord Nelson

o On The Death Of Mrs. Charlotte Smith Sonnet

o On The Death Of Toussaint L'ouverture Sonnet

o On The Portrait Of The Son Of J.G. Lambton, ESQ., M.P.

o On The Rupture Of The Thames' Tunnel, Written 2nd July, 1827

o Presumptuous Fly, The

o Prologue, To Public Readings At A Young Gentlemen's Academy

o Prometheus

o Recall Of The Hero, The Song

o Reflections Of A Poet, On Going To A Great Dinner

o Retaliation

o Rosa's Grave

o Runaway, The

o Say, Why Is The Stern Eye Averted With Scorn Stanzas

o Sent For The Album Of The Rev. G---- C----,

o Shakspeare

o Sibyl, The

o Sketch From Life, A

o Stanzas, Written Impromtu On The Late Peace

o State Secret, The

o Steam-Boat, The

o Sunday

o Taking Orders: A Tale, Founded On Fact

o Thoughts On Peace

o Tis Sweet In Boyhood's Visionary Mood

o To ----, on Her Recovery From Illness Sonnet

o To ------ [Come, JENNY, let me sip the dew]

o To ------ [O Nymph! With Cheeks Of Roseate Hue]

o To ------ [O Sue! you certainly have been]

o To --------- [In Vain, Sweet Maid! For Me You Bring]

o To ------------ [Thou Bud Of Early Promise, May The Rose] Sonnet

o To A Bee [Burlesque Sonnet]

o To A Lyre Sonnet

o To Charity Sonnet

o To Eliza, Written In Her Album

o To Faith Sonnet

o To Hope Sonnet

o To Lydia, On Her Birth-Day Sonnet

o To Margaret Jane H----, On Her Birth-Day, 17 June

o To Mary

o To Melancholy Sonnet

o To Music Sonnet

o To My Spaniel Fanny

o To Robert Southey, Esq On Reading His "Remains Of Henry Kirke White"

o To Sarah, While Singing

o To Thaddeus

o To The Reviewers

o To----

o When The Rough Storm Roars Round The Peasant's Cot Sonnet

o Widowed Love

o Written In The Album Of I---- H---- P----, Esq.

o Written In The Album Of The Lady Of Counsellor D. Pollock

o Written In The Album Of The Lady Of Dr. George Birkbeck, M.D.

o Written On The Death Of General Sir Ralph Abercrombie

o Written On The Death Of General Washington

o Written Under An Elegant Drawing Of A Dead Canary Bird

o Ye Fates! Who Sternly Point On Sorrow's Chart Sonnet

o Youth And Age