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Poems by Walter De la Mare


De la Mare, Walter

o "The Hawthorn Hath A Deathly Smell"

o "Where Is Thy Victory?"

o 'Sooeep!' "Places and People"

o Age

o Alas, Alack! "Up and Down"

o Alexander

o All But Blind "Beasts"

o All That's Past

o Alone [A very old woman]

o Alone [The abode of the nightingale is bare]

o Alulvan

o Anatomy Sonnet

o Andy Battle "Places and People"

o April Sonnet

o April Moon

o Arabia

o As Lucy Went A-Walking

o At The Keyhole "Witches and Fairies"

o Autumn Memories of childhood

o Bandog, The "Up and Down"

o Banquo Characters from Shakespeare

o Barber's, The "Up and Down"

o Be Angry Now No More

o Bees' Song, The

o Bells, The

o Berries "Queer Tale"

o Betrayal

o Beware!

o Bewitched "Witches and Fairies"

o Bindweed, The

o Birthnight: To F, The

o Blind Boy, The

o Bluebells

o Bookworm, The "Boys and Girls"

o Bread And Cherries "Up and Down"

o Bright Life Sonnet

o Buckle, The

o Bunches Of Grapes

o Cage, The

o Cake And Sack "Up and Down"

o Captain Lean

o Cecil

o Changeling, The "Witches and Fairies"

o Chicken "Up and Down"

o Child In The Story Awakes, The

o Child In The Story Goes To Bed, The

o Children Of Stare, The

o Christening, The

o Clear Eyes

o Cupboard, The "Up and Down"

o Dame Hickory

o Dark Chateau, The

o Death-Dream, The

o Disguise, The

o Down-Adown-Derry

o Dream Song

o Dreamer, The

o Dreams

o Dunce, The "Up and Down"

o Dust To Dust

o Dwarf, The

o Dwelling-Place, The

o Earth Folk "Beasts"

o Echo Memories of childhood

o Empty House, The

o England

o Englishman, The

o Envoi [Child, Do You Love The Flower]

o Envoi: To My Mother Memories of childhood

o Epitaph, An

o Estranged

o Even In The Grave Sonnet

o Evening

o Exile [Had the gods loved me I had lain]

o Exile [I am that Adam who, with Snake for guest], The

o Eyes

o Fairies Dancing, The

o Faithless

o Falstaff Characters from Shakespeare

o Fare Well

o Fear Memories of childhood

o Five Eyes "Beasts"

o Flight, The

o Fly, The

o Fool's Song, The

o For All The Grief

o Foreboding

o Full Moon "Boys and Girls"

o Funeral, The

o Gage, The

o Ghost ["Who knocks?" "I, who was beautiful], The

o Ghost [Peace in thy hands], The

o Glimpse, The

o Gloria Mundi

o Gnomies, The

o Goliath

o Grey Wolf, The

o Grim "Beasts"

o Hamlet Characters from Shakespeare

o Hapless "Up and Down"

o Happy Encounter, The Sonnet

o Hare, The

o Haunted [From out the wood I watched them shine]

o Haunted [The rabbit in his burrow keeps]

o Hide And Seek "Up and Down"

o Honey Robbers, The "Witches and Fairies"

o Horn, The

o Horseman, The "Up and Down"

o Humanity Sonnet

o Huntsmen, The "Up and Down"

o I Can't Abear "Up and Down"

o I Met At Eve

o I Saw Three Witches

o Iago Characters from Shakespeare

o Idleness

o Imogen Characters from Shakespeare

o In Vain

o Invocation

o Isle Of Lone, The

o Jim Jay "Up and Down"

o John Mouldy

o Journey, The

o Juliet's Nurse Characters from Shakespeare

o Keep Innocency

o Keys Of Morning, The

o King David "Places and People"

o Lamplighter, The

o Life

o Linnet, The

o Listeners, The

o Little Bird, The "Up and Down"

o Little Green Orchard, The "Places and People"

o Little Old Cupid, The "Places and People"

o Little Salamander, The

o Longlegs "Witches and Fairies"

o Lost Shoe, The "Boys and Girls"

o Lovelocks

o Lullaby

o Macbeth Characters from Shakespeare

o Many A Mickle "Earth and Air"

o Marionettes, The

o Market-Place, The Sonnet

o Martha

o Massacre, The Memories of childhood

o Melmillo "Witches and Fairies"

o Mercutio Characters from Shakespeare

o Mermaids, The Memories of childhood

o Miller And His Son, The

o Mima "Up and Down"

o Miracle, The

o Miss Loo

o Miss T "Up and Down"

o Mistletoe "Boys and Girls"

o Mistress Fell

o Mocking Fairy, The "Witches and Fairies"

o Moonlight

o Mother Bird, The

o Motley

o Mountains, The

o Mrs. Earth "Up and Down"

o Mrs. Grundy

o Mrs. Macqueen (or The Lollie-Shop) "Places and People"

o Music

o Music Unheard

o Myself Memories of childhood

o Napoleon

o Never More Sailor

o Never-To-Be

o Nicholas Nye "Beasts"

o Night

o Night-Swans, The

o Nobody Knows "Earth and Air"

o Nocturne

o Nod

o Noon And Night Flower

o O Dear Me!

o Off The Ground "Queer Tale"

o Ogre, The

o Old Ben

o Old House, The "Places and People"

o Old Men, The

o Old Shellover "Up and Down"

o Old Soldier, The "Places and People"

o Old Stone House, The "Witches and Fairies"

o Old Susan

o Ophelia Characters from Shakespeare

o Peak And Puke "Witches and Fairies"

o Pedlar, The

o Phantom [Upstairs in the large closet, child], The

o Phantom [Wilt thou never come again], The

o Picture, The "Places and People"

o Pigs And The Charcoal-Burner, The "Beasts"

o Pilgrim, The

o Polonius Characters from Shakespeare

o Poor 'Miss 7' "Places and People"

o Poor Henry "Boys and Girls"

o Portrait Of A Warrior, The

o Quarry, The

o Quartette, The "Boys and Girls"

o Queen Djenira

o Rachel

o Rainbow, The

o Raven's Tomb, The

o Reawakening, The

o Remembrance

o Remonstrance, The

o Revenant, The

o Reverie [Memories of childhood] Memories of childhood

o Reverie [When slim Sophia mounts her horse]

o Riddlers, The

o Ride-By-Nights, The "Witches and Fairies"

o Ruin, The "Witches and Fairies"

o Sam "Places and People"

o Scarecrow, The

o Scribe, The

o Sea-Magic Sonnet

o Shade, The

o Ship Of Rio, The "Up and Down"

o Silence

o Silver "Earth and Air"

o Silver Penny, The

o Sleep

o Sleeper, The

o Sleeping Beauty

o Sleepyhead

o Some One "Up and Down"

o Song Of Enchantment

o Song Of Finis, The

o Song Of Shadows, The

o Song Of The Mad Prince, The

o Song Of The Secret, The

o Song Of The Soldiers, The

o Song [o For A Moon To Light Me Home!]

o Sorcery

o Stranger [Half-hidden in a graveyard], The

o Stranger [In the woods as I did walk], The

o Summer Evening "Beasts"

o Sunken Garden, The

o Supper, The

o Tailor, The

o Tartary

o Then "Boys and Girls"

o There Blooms No Bud In May

o They Told Me

o Thief At Robin's Castle, The "Queer Tale"

o Three Beggars, The

o Three Cherry Trees, The

o Three Strangers, The

o Thule

o Tillie "Up and Down"

o Time Passes

o Tired Cupid, The

o Tired Tim "Up and Down"

o Tit For Tat "Beasts"

o To E.T.: 1917

o Treachery

o Trees "Earth and Air"

o Truants, The "Boys and Girls"

o Truce

o Tryst, The

o Unchanging, The

o Universe, The

o Unstooping "Beasts"

o Up And Down "Up and Down"

o Vacant Day, The

o Vain Finding

o Vain Questioning

o Vigil

o Virtue Sonnet

o Voices

o Wanderers "Earth and Air"

o When The Rose Is Faded

o Where?

o Widow's Weeds, A "Places and People"

o Will Ever? "Earth and Air"

o Window, The "Boys and Girls"

o Winter (Memories of childhood) Memories of childhood

o Winter Dusk

o Winter [Clouded with snow]