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Poems by Jean Blewett


Blewett, Jean

o Air Castles, The

o All On An April Morning

o April

o April Fool Of Long Ago, An

o Archibald Lampman

o Argument, The

o As Good As A Girl

o At The Sick Children's Hospital

o August

o Barley Fields, The

o Billy

o Bit O' Shamrock, A

o Boy's Trials, A

o Chore Time

o Christmas Conversion

o Christy And The Pipers

o Chrysanthemum's Court

o Cornflower, The

o Cricket, The

o Criticism, The

o Daddy's Boy

o Dawn

o Decorating The Old Church

o Despair

o Discontent

o Earth To The Twentieth Century

o Emigrant Laddie, The

o Envy

o Estranged

o Firstborn, The

o Fool's Luck

o For He Was Scotch, And So Was She

o Forgive And Forget

o Friend Or Foe?

o Ghosts Of Night, The

o God's Warmth Is She

o Good Woman, A

o Grace

o Harbor Lights Of Home, The

o Her Little Way

o Her Mission

o Her Prayer

o Highland Shepherd, The

o Hint, A

o Idler, The

o Immortality

o Imprisoned Lark, The

o In Memoriam

o In Sunflower Time

o Jack

o Janet

o Jessie

o King's Gift, The

o Lad From Inverness, The

o Lake Shore Road, The

o Lesley

o Life's Day

o Life's Grandest Things

o Living Freshness

o Lonesomest House, The

o Long Ago, The

o Love's Lesson

o Love's Sacrifice

o Love's Service

o Madam Grundy

o Magdalene

o Margaret

o Men O' The Forest Mark

o Message, The

o Miracles

o Morning

o Mother, The

o Mullein Meadow, The

o My Lady Nightingale

o Native Born, The

o O Radiance Of Life's Morning

o October

o Old Man's Visit, The

o Orchard, The

o Our Dead In South Africa

o Parting, The

o Passage, The

o Peace

o Ploughman, The

o Poynings

o Prayer Of Love, A

o Preacher Down At Coles, The

o Quarrel, The

o Quebec

o Queen Victoria

o Remembrance

o Secret, The

o Slander

o Sly Boy

o Soldiers All

o Song Of Cheer, A

o Song Of Harvest Home, A

o Song Of The Bells, The

o Song Of The Golden Sea

o Splendor Of The Days, The

o Spring

o St. Andrew's Day--A Toast

o St. Patrick's Day

o St. Valentine

o Stable-Boy's Guest, The

o Strength

o Thail Burn

o Thankfulness

o Time And The Deed, The

o To Lillian Massey Treble

o To-Day You Understand

o Treasure Box, The

o Trust, The

o Tryst, The

o Two June Nights

o Two Monuments

o Usurer, The

o Vashti

o Way To Dreamland, The

o When Paganini Plays

o When The Dusk Comes Down

o When Trees Are Green

o Wild Strawberries

o Woman

o Wooing O' Katie, The

o Youth And June