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Poems by Mary Ann H. T. Bigelow


Bigelow, Mary Ann H. T.

o "God Is Love"

o "Let Me Die The Death Of The Righteous"

o "My Times Are In Thy Hand"

o "Take No Thought For The Morrow"

o "The Clouds Return After The Rain"

o Acrostic [Ah! What Is This Life?], An

o Acrostic [Cannot Happiness Perfect Be Found On This Earth?], An

o Acrostic [Even Now I Seem To See Thee]

o Acrostic [For thee, my son, a mother's earnest prayer]

o Acrostic [Merry, merry little child], An

o Autumn And Sunset

o Escape Of The Israelites, And Destruction Of Pharaoh

o Evening Of Life, The

o Feed My Lambs

o For My Friend Mrs. R

o For My Grand-Daughters, M. And L.--An Acrostic

o For My Grandsons, Eddy And Ally

o For My Niece Angeline

o For The S. S. Concert, In The Wayland Orthodox Church

o Great Physician, The

o Hymn, Sung At The Ordination Of The Rev. Henry Allen

o Jessamine, The

o Kings And Queens Of England, The

o Life's Changes

o Lines, I Would Frame All My Doings To Please Thee, My God!

o Lines, To The Memory Of Patrick Kelley

o Margaret's Remembrance Of Lightfoot

o Morning Drive For My Daughter Margaret, The

o My S. S. Class

o Nocturnal Visit, The

o November

o Pastoral, A

o Reminiscences Of The Departed

o Reply To A Toast

o She Slumbers Still

o Sovereignty Of God And Free Agency Of Man

o There Is Within This Heart Of Mine

o Though Life Is Young, And Spirits Gay

o To A Friend In The City, From Her Friend In The Country

o To Mr. C. R. For Many Years Deprived Of Sight

o To My Daughter Elizabeth

o To My Friend Mr. J. Ellis

o To My Friend Mrs. Lloyd

o To My Husband

o To My Missionary Friends, Mr. And Mrs. I.G. Bliss

o To My Niece, Mrs. M.A. Caldwell

o Winter

o Written Upon Receiving A New Year's Gift