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Poems by Matilda Betham


Betham, Matilda

o Absence [Vignette 19] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o All' Amica [Vignette 10] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Another

o Arthur And Albina

o Artisan [Vignette 3], The from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Beauteous Queen Of Social Love, The

o Believing Love Was All A Bubble [Vignette 18] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Cantata Dello Stesso

o Cantata. Del Metastasio

o Cen'lin, Prince Of Mercia

o Come, Edmund, Now The Sun Goes Down [Vignette 4] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Come, Magdalen, and bind my hair [Vignette 7] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Complaint Of Fancy, The

o Daughter, The

o Edgar And Ellen

o Editha

o Elegy On Edward Betham [Vignette 26] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Elegy On Sophia Graham

o Fear Has To Do With Sacred Things [Vignette 25] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Fortuna. Dello Stesso, La

o Fraternal Duel, The

o Grandfather's Departure, The

o Heir, The

o Henry, On The Departure Of His Wife From Calcutta

o Human Pleasure Or Pain

o I Am Unskill'd In Speech: My Tongue Is Slow [Vignette 9] A sonnet from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o If writing Journals were my task [Vignette 1] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o In A Letter To A.R.C. On Her Wishing To Be Called Anna

o In Memory Of Mr. Agostino Isola, Of Cambridge

o Invitation, To J.B.C.

o L'homme De L'ennui

o Lines Sent To A Brother On His Leaving England [Vignette 17] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Lines To Mrs. Radcliffe, On First Reading The Mysteries Of Udolpho

o Lines Written For A Young Gentleman To Speak At The Audit [Vignette 21] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Lonely Walk, To W.S.B., The

o Lov'd Companion, Chosen Friend, A

o Lover's Apology [Vignette 6], The from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Lucy, I Think Not Of Thy Beauty [Vignette 2] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Manuel, I Do Not Shed A Tear [Vignette 8] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Mother, The

o Old Fisherman, The

o Old Man's Farewell, The

o Old Shepherd's Recollections, The

o On A Fan

o On The Death Of Herbert Southey: Addressed To His Father [Vignette 24] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o On The Death Of Master Frederic Thomson [Vignette 23] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o On The Eve Of Departure From O----

o On The Regret Of Youth

o Outlaw, The

o Philemon

o Pilgrim Weary, Toil-Subdued - A Fragment, A

o Reflection

o Reflections Occasioned By The Death Of Friends

o Retrospect Of Youth

o Rhapsody

o Sailor's Song, A

o Sonetto

o Song [Once More Then Farewell! And Whilst I'm Away]

o Song [Thrice Lovely Babe! Thus Hush'd To Rest]

o Song [What Do I Love? A Polish'd Mind]

o Song. Distance From The Place Of Our Nativity

o Terrors Of Guilt, The

o They, Ere He Left Them, Had Attain'd Their Prime - Fragment

o To ---- With Arthur And Albina

o To A Llangollen Rose, The Day After It Had Been Given By Miss Ponsonby

o To A Young Gentleman

o To M.I. [Light breezes dance along the air]

o To M.I. [Thou, Margaret, lov'st the secret shade]

o To Miss Rouse Boughton, Now The Right Hon. Lady St. John

o To Mr. And Mrs. Everard Vignette, On Their Only Son's Being In The Navy Vignette 14 from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o To Mrs. A. [Vignette 16] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o To Mrs. T. Fancourt

o To Simplicity

o To The Hetman, Platoff [Vignette 22] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o To The Hon. Lady J---- [Vignette 15] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o To The Late Lady Rouse Boughton [Vignette 12] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o To The Nuns Of Bodney

o To The River Which Separates Itself From The Dee, At Bedkellert

o To The Same

o To The Same [Vignette 11] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Urge Me No More! Nor Think, Because I Seem [sonnet]

o Valentine: From A Young Lady To Her Mother [Vignette 5] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Vignette 20 from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Where Yonder Mossy Ruins Lie - A Fragment

o Written In Zimmermann's Solitude

o Written On Whitsun-Monday, 1795

o Yes! I Can Suffer, Sink With Pain [Vignette 13] from 'Vignettes in Verse'

o Youth Unsuspicious Of Evil