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Akenside, Mark

o Affected Indifference. To The Same (To A Friend, Unsuccessful In Love) Ode

o Against Suspicion Ode

o Ambition And Content (A Fable)

o At Study Ode

o British Philippic, A

o Complaint, The Ode

o Epistle To Curio, An

o For The Winter Solstice, December 11, 2021 Ode

o Hymn To Cheerfulness Ode

o Hymn To Science

o Hymn To The Naiads

o If Rightly Tuneful Bards Decide Ode

o Inscription For A Column At Runnymede

o Inscription For A Grotto

o Inscription For A Statue Of Chaucer At Woodstock

o Inscription For The Wood Nymph

o Inscription: O Youths And Virgins: O Declining Eld

o Inscription: Whoe'er Thou Art Whose Path In Summer Lies

o Inscription: Ye Powers Unseen, To Whom, The Bards Of Greece

o Love (An Elegy)

o Me Though In Life's Sequester'd Vale

o On A Sermon Against Glory Ode

o On Domestic Manners Ode

o On Leaving Holland Ode

o On Love Of Praise Ode

o On Love. To A Friend Ode

o On Lyric Poetry Ode

o On Recovering From A Fit Of Sickness Ode

o On The Use Of Poetry Ode

o On The Winter-Solstice Ode

o Pleasures Of Imagination: A Poem In Three Books, The

o Pleasures Of The Imagination, The

o Poet. A Rhapsody, The

o Remonstrance Of Shakspeare, The Ode

o Song: The Shape Alone Let Others Prize

o To A Friend, Unsuccessful In Love Ode

o To Caleb Hardinge, M. D. Ode

o To Cordelia

o To Curio Ode

o To Sir Francis Henry Drake, Baronet Ode

o To Sleep Ode

o To The Author Of Memoirs Of The House Of Brandenburg Ode

o To The Country Gentlemen Of England Ode

o To The Cuckoo Ode

o To The Evening Star Ode

o To The Honourable Charles Townshend Ode

o To The Honourable Charles Townshend 1750 Ode

o To The Muse Ode

o To The Right Honourable Francis, Earl Of Huntingdon Ode

o To The Right Reverend Benjamin Ode

o To Thomas Edwards, Esq. Ode

o To William Hall, Esquire; With The Works Of Chaulieu Ode

o Virtuoso In Imitation Op Spenser's Style And Stanza, The