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Titles begin with K

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(Genre abbreviations:
f/n: Fiction or novel
s: Short story
e: Essay
p: Poem
d/c: Play, drama or comedy
n: Nonfiction)

"K" (f/n) by Mary-Roberts-Rinehart
"Kentucky", The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
'Kal!' (=Tomorrow) (p) by John-Kendall
K'u-Kiang (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
K-Factor, The (s) by Harry-Harrison
K.L.H. Died of Wounds Received at the Dardanelles (p) by Paul-Bewsher
Kaa (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Kabbalists (s) by Isaac-Loeb-Peretz
Kaddish, The (s) by Abraham-Raisin
Kadisha; or, The First Jealousy (p) by R.-D.-Blackmore
Kai Lung's Golden Hours (f/n) by Ernest-Bramah
Kai Riu O, The Dragon King Of The World Under The Sea (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Kaiachououk (s) by Wilfred-Thomason-Grenfell
Kaiser Again Consults Fritz, The (p) by Abner-Cosens
Kaiser Consults Fritz, The (p) by Abner-Cosens
Kaiser Dead (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Kaiser's "Place In The Sun", The (p) by Thomas-O-Hagan
Kaiser's Bhoys, The (p) by Thomas-O-Hagan
Kaiser's Farewell To Prince Henry, The (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
Kaiser's Favorite Poems, The (p) by Thomas-O-Hagan
Kaiser, Beware (p) by Edward-Doyle
Kala-Hoi, The Net-Maker (s) by Louis-Becke
Kalaidji Avram Of Balata (s) by Allan-Ramsay
Kalinin (s) by Maxim-Gorky
Kalsomining An Elephant (s) by Francis-Metcalfe
Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana, The (n) by Vatsyayana
Kanaka Labour Trade In The Pacific, The (s) by Louis-Becke
Kanaka Surf, The (s) by Jack-London
Kang Yi (p) by Eunice-Tietjens
Kangaroo And The Zebra, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Kansas City Aristocrat, A (e) by William-Cowper-Brann
Kansas City vs. Detroit (p) by Eugene-Field
Kansas Emigrants, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Kaotsou And The Dynasty Of The Hans (s) by Charles-Morris
Kapiolani (p) by John-Oxenham
Kapiolani In Rarotongan (p) by John-Oxenham
Karagwe, An African (p) by Henry-Abbey
Karain: A Memory (s) by Joseph-Conrad
Karen (s) by Alexander-Lange-Kielland
Kari Woodengown (s) by Andrew-Lang
Karl Ludwig Sand - Celebrated Crimes (s) by Alexandre-Dumas
Karlene [Good-morning, Karlene. It's a very] (p) by Bliss-Carman
Karlene [Word of a little one born in the West] (p) by Bliss-Carman
Karma (s) by Grace-James
Karma (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Kashmiri Song (p) by Laurence-Hope
Kashmiri Song By Juma (p) by Laurence-Hope
Kashtanka (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Kaspar's Song In Varda (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Katcha And The Devil (s) by Parker-Fillmore
Kate Bonnet: The Romance of a Pirate's Daughter (f/n) by Frank-R-Stockton
Kate Chopin (e) by Willa-Cather
Kate Danton; or, Captain Danton's Daughters: A Novel (f/n) by May-Agnes-Fleming
Kate O' Belashanny (p) by William-Allingham
Kate Of Kenmare (p) by Denis-Florence-MacCarthy
Kate's Choice (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Kate's Experiment (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Kate-a-Whimsies, John-a-Dreams (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Katharine (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Katharine Jaffray (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Katherine Crackernuts (s) by Elizabeth-W.-Grierson
Kathleen (f/n) by Christopher-Morley
Kathleen (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Katie (p) by Henry-Timrod
Katrina Replies (p) by Abner-Cosens
Katrina Replies To Fritz (p) by Abner-Cosens
Katydids, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Kavanagh, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Kavin Again (p) by Bliss-Carman
Kayuta And Waneta (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Kazan, the Wolf Dog (f/n) by James-Oliver-Curwood
Kazuma's Revenge (s) by Algernon-Bertram-Freeman-Mitford
Keach I' The Creel, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Kearney's Daring Expedition And The Conquest Of New Mexico (s) by Charles-Morris
Keats (e) by John-Cowper-Powys
Keats (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Keats's Sonnet on Blue (e) by Oscar-Wilde
Keekin'-Glass, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Keelmen (s) by James-Runciman
Keen, Fitful Gusts Are Whisp'ring Here And There [sonnet] (p) by John-Keats
Keenan's Charge (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Keep A Song Up On De Way (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Keep A-Pluggin' Away (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Keep Cool (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Keep Going (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Keep In Step (p) by T.-S.-Arthur
Keep Innocency (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Keep It For The Beggar (s) by Mrs. Howard-Kingscote
Keep Out (s) by Fredric-Brown
Keep Out Of The Weeds (p) by William-Henry-Drummond
Keep The Children At Home (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Keep Those Eyes Still Purely Mine (p) by Thomas-Moore
Keep Tryin' (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Keep Your Shape (s) by Robert-Sheckley
Keeper, The (s) by H.-Beam-Piper
Keeper Of The Bishop (s) by A.-E. W.-Mason
Keeper of the Door, The (f/n) by Ethel-May-Dell
Keeper of the Light, The (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
Keeper Of The Water-Gate, The (e) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Keepers Of The Herd Of Swine, The (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Keepers of the King's Peace, The (f/n) by Edgar-Wallace
Keepers Of The Lamp, The (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Keepers of the Trail: A Story of the Great Woods, The (f/n) by Joseph-A.-Altsheler
Keeping His Promise (s) by Algernon-Blackwood
Keeping Tryst (p) by Margaret-Moran D.-McDougall
Keeping Up Appearances (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Keeping Watch (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Keepsake, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Keepsake Mill (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Keesa, The Kangaroo (s) by Ellen-Velvin
Keesh, The Son Of Keesh (s) by Jack-London
Keineth (f/n) by Jane-Abbott
Kellson's Nemesis (s) by William-Charles-Scully
Kelly Ingram (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Kelly Of The Legion (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Kellyburn Braes (p) by Robert-Burns
Kellys And The O'Kellys, The (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
Kelmscott And William Morris (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Kelpie Riders, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
Kemp Owyne (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Ken's Mystery (s) by Julian-Hawthorne
Kenelm Chillingly (f/n) by Edward-Bulwer-Lytton
Kenilworth (f/n) by Sir Walter-Scott
Kenmare River (p) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Kenmore--1752 (s) by Etta-Belle-Walker
Kennedy Square (f/n) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Kennedy The Boatsteerer (s) by Louis-Becke
Kenneth And The Carp (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Kennst Du Das Land (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Kenotaphion (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Kenoza Lake (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Kent Knowles: Quahaug (f/n) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Kentons, The (f/n) by William-Dean-Howells
Kenzie Report, The (s) by Mark-Clifton
Kept Busy (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Kept in the Dark (f/n) by Anthony-Trollope
Kept The Flag Floating (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Kerfol (s) by Edith-Wharton
Kerguelen's Land (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Kerry's Kid (s) by Sax-Rohmer
Kestrel, The (p) by John-Freeman
Kettle, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Keusca Elopement, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Key, The (s) by Josephine-Daskam-Bacon
Key Found, The (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Key Note, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Key Of Granada, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Key Of The Temple Of Heaven, The (s) by Sax-Rohmer
Key Of The Tower, The (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
Key Out of Time (f/n) by Andre-Norton
Key Ring, The (e) by Christopher-Morley
Key-Board, The (p) by William-Watson
Key-Note, The (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
Key: A Moorish Romance, The (p) by Thomas-Hood
Keyboard, Over Which Two Slim Hands Float, The (p) by Paul-Verlaine
Keys Of Calais, The (s) by Charlotte-M.-Yonge
Keys Of Morning, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Keziah Coffin (f/n) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
Khaki Boys Who Were Not At The Front, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Khalif And The Arab, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Khalif Omar Ben Abdulaziz And The Poets, The (s) by John-Payne
Khan Zada's Song On The Hillside (p) by Laurence-Hope
Khan's Devil, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Khap-Salung (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Khartoum (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Khristna And His Flute (p) by Laurence-Hope
Kiama (p) by Henry-Kendall
Kiama Revisited (p) by Henry-Kendall
Kick Under The Table, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Kicking Twelfth, The (s) by Stephen-Crane
Kickleburys On The Rhine, The (s) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Kid, The (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Kid, The (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Kid And The Tiger, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
Kid And The Wolf, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Kid Hangs Up His Stocking, The (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Kid Of Apache Teju, The (s) by Florence-Finch-Kelly
Kid Wolf of Texas: A Western Story (f/n) by Ward-M.-Stevens
Kidd's Treasure (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Kidnaped (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Kidnapped (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Kidnapped (f/n) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Kidnapped Boys (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Kidnapped Plumber: A Tale Of The New Time, The (s) by Stephen-Leacock
Kidnapped Santa Claus, A (s) by L.-Frank-Baum
Kidnapping Of Lord Durie, The (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Kil Arthur (s) by Jeremiah-Curtin
Kildare (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Kill, The (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Killed At Resaca (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Killed In Action (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Killed In Action (p) by R.-C.-Lehmann
Killer, The (f/n) by Stewart-Edward-White
Killing Deer (e) by George-William-Curtis
Killing Of Cloudy Sky, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Killing of Julius Caesar "Localized", The (s) by Mark-Twain
Killorin's Caribbean Days (s) by James-B.-Connolly
Killykinick (f/n) by Mary-T.-Waggaman
Kilmeny (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Kilmeny of the Orchard (f/n) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Kilo (f/n) by Ellis-Parker-Butler
Kim (f/n) by Rudyard-Kipling
Kin (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Kin Confessed (p) by Maurice-Hewlett
Kin To Sorrow (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Kincaid's Battery (f/n) by George-Washington-Cable
Kinchinjunga (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Kind Little Edmund, Or The Caves And The Cockatrice (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Kind Of Music That Is Too Good For Household Use, The (s) by George-Ade
Kind William And The Water Sprite (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Kind Word, A Smile, Or A Kiss, A (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Kind Words (e) by T.-S.-Arthur
Kindliness (p) by Rupert-Brooke
Kindly Neighbor, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Kindness (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Kindness (p) by Eliza-Paul-Gurney
Kindness To Animals (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Kindred Spirits (p) by Jared-Barhite
Kine Of My Father, The (p) by Dora-Sigerson-Shorter
Kinetoscope Of Time, The (s) by Brander-Matthews
King, The (d/c) by Bjornstjerne-Bjornson
King, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
King, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
King, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
King Abul Hassan And The Alcaide Of Gibraltar (s) by Charles-Morris
King Albert (e) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
King Alfred (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
King Alfred And The Beggar (s) by James-Baldwin
King Alfred And The Cakes (s) by James-Baldwin
King Alfred And The Danes (s) by Charles-Morris
King And Crown, The (p) by George-Borrow
King And His Hawk, The (s) by James-Baldwin
King And No King (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
King And Queen Of Hearts, The (p) by Charles-Lamb
King And Slave (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
King And The Countryman, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
King And The Dervish, The (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
King And The Fisherman, The (s) by Hartwell-James
King Arthur At Avalon (s) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
King Arthur's Men Have Come Again (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
King Arthur's Socks: A Comedy (d/c) by Floyd-Dell
King Arthur's Tomb (p) by William-Morris
King Baby (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
King Billy Of Ballarat (s) by Morley-Roberts
King Borria Bungalee Boo (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
King Byrge And His Brothers (p) by George-Borrow
King Candaules (s) by Theophile-Gautier
King Candaules And The Doctor Of Laws (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
King Canute (p) by Victor-Hugo
King Canute (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
King Canute On The Seashore (s) by James-Baldwin
King Charles The Martyr (p) by John-Keble
King Christian. A National Song Of Denmark (p) by William-H. G.-Kingston
King Coal: A Novel (f/n) by Upton-Sinclair
King Cole (p) by George-MacDonald
King Cotton (p) by George-Pope-Morris
King Cotton (In Time of War) (p) by Horatio-Alger
King Crack And His Idols (p) by Thomas-Moore
King David (p) by Walter-De la Mare
King Diderik And The Lion's Fight With The Dragon (p) by George-Borrow
King Disguised, The (p) by Henry-Vaughan
King Frost, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
King George The Fourth (e) by Max-Beerbohm
King Georgeman, The (s) by E. Pauline-Johnson
King Goodheart (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
King Grisly-Beard (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
King Gumbi And His Lost Daughter (s) by Henry-M.-Stanley
King Hacon's Death (p) by George-Borrow
King Harald Goes West-Over-Seas (s) by Jennie-Hall
King Harald's Trance (p) by George-Meredith
King Harald's Wedding (s) by Jennie-Hall
King Henry IV Part 1 (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King Henry IV Part 2 (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King Henry Of Navarre (s) by Charles-Morris
King Henry V (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King Henry VI Part 1 (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King Henry VI Part 2 (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King Henry VI Part 3 (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King Henry VII And The Shipwrights (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
King Henry VIII (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King Horn (s) by Maud-Isabel-Ebbutt
King In Captivity, A (s) by Charles-Morris
King In The Stuff, A (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
King Initiate, The (p) by George-William-Russell
King Is Dead, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
King James I And The Tinkler (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
King John (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King John And The Abbot (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
King John And The Abbot (s) by James-Baldwin
King Kara-Kush Of Bithynia (s) by Allan-Ramsay
King Kojata (s) by Andrew-Lang
King Lear (s) by Edith-Nesbit
King Lear (s) by Charles-Lamb
King Lear (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King Leopold (p) by Harry-Graham
King Lindorm (s) by Andrew-Lang
King Log and King Stork (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
King Louis XVII (an ode) (p) by Victor-Hugo
King Midas Of The Golden Touch (s) by Jeanie-Lang
King Midas: A Romance (f/n) by Upton-Sinclair
King O' Prussia (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
King o' the Beach: A Tropic Tale (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
King Oedipus (d/c) by Sophocles
King Of Acres, A (e) by Richard-Jefferies
King Of Beaver, The (s) by Mary-Hartwell-Catherwood
King Of Bores, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
King Of Brentford, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
King Of Brentford's Testament, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
King Of Canoodle-Dum, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
King of Clubs and the Queen of Hearts, The (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
King Of Denmark's Sons, The (p) by William-Morris
King Of England, The (p) by Henry-Newbolt
King Of Erin And The Queen Of The Lonesome Island, The (s) by Jeremiah-Curtin
King Of Goulnaspurra, The (s) by Seumas-O-Brien
King Of Love My Shepherd Is, The (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
King Of Montobewlo, The (s) by Seumas-O-Brien
King Of Prussia (e) by Samuel-Johnson
King Of Terrors, The (p) by Samuel-G.-Goodrich
King Of The Baboons, The (s) by Perceval-Gibbon
King Of The Birds (s) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
King of the Crocodiles, The (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
King of the Dark Chamber, The (d/c) by Rabindranath-Tagore
King of the Fishes, The (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
King Of The Flaming Hoops, The (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
King Of The Foxes, The (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
King Of The Golden Mountain, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
King of the Golden River, The (s) by John-Ruskin
King Of The Greeks, The (s) by Jack-London
King Of The Kites, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
King Of The Klondike, The (p) by Yukon-Bill
King Of The Mice, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
King of the Polar Bears, The (s) by L.-Frank-Baum
King of the Waterfalls, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
King of Thule, The (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
King Of Yellow Butterflies (A Poem Game), The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
King Of Ys, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
King Of Yvetot, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
King Olaf's Christmas (p) by Henry-Wadsworth-Longfellow
King Oluf The Saint (p) by George-Borrow
King On The Tower, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
King Orfeo (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
King Pest (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
King Raedwald (p) by Helen-Gray-Cone
King Richard II (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King Richard III (d/c) by William-Shakespeare
King Saul At Gilboa (p) by Henry-Kendall
King Seaphus (s) by David-Cory
King Shah Bekht And His Vizier Er Rehwan (s) by John-Payne
King Solomon And The Ants (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
King Solomon And The Birds (s) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
King Solomon And The Owl (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
King Solomon's Mines (s) by Rounsevelle-Wildman
King Solomon's Mines (f/n) by H.-Rider-Haggard
King That Was Not, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
King Thrushbeard (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
King Valdemar And His Sister (p) by George-Borrow
King Valdemar I. And Bishop Absolon (s) by Charles-Morris
King Valdemar's Wooing (p) by George-Borrow
King Valemon, The White Bear (s) by P.-Chr.-Asbjornsen
King Volmer And Elsie (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
King Who Was Fried, The (s) by Flora-Annie-Steel
King Who Would Be Stronger Than Fate, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
King Who Would Have a Beautiful Wife, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
King Who Would See Paradise, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
King's Birthday, The (s) by Maud-Lindsay
King's Chapel (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
King's Coin, The (s) by E. Pauline-Johnson
King's Consort, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
King's Cross Station (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
King's Daughter, The (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
King's Esquires: The Jewel of France, The (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
King's Experiment, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
King's Friend, The (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
King's Gift, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
King's Grave, The (s) by Selma-Lagerlof
King's High Way, The (p) by John-Oxenham
King's High Way, The (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
King's Jackal, The (f/n) by Richard-Harding-Davis
King's Jewel, The (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
King's Lesson, The (s) by W.H.D.-Rouse
King's Men; A Tale of To-morrow, The (f/n) by Robert-Grant
King's Mirror, The (f/n) by Anthony-Hope
King's Missive, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
King's Mountain (s) by Theodore-Roosevelt
King's Mountain And The Patriots Of Tennessee (s) by Charles-Morris
King's Sabbath, The (p) by Archibald-Lampman
King's Servant, The (s) by Maud-Lindsay
King's Soliloquy, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
King's Son, The (p) by Bliss-Carman
King's Son And The Painted Lion, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
King's Son And The Wazir's Daughter, The (s) by Anonymous
King's Son Who Feared Nothing, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
King's Sons, The (s) by George-Manville-Fenn
King's Sons, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
King's Sweetheart, The (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
King's Task, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
King's Thanksgiving, The (s) by Carolyn-Sherwin-Bailey
King's Treasure, The (s) by Hartwell-James
King's Wake, The (p) by George-Borrow
King's Warrant, A Story of Old and New France, The (f/n) by Alfred-H.-Engelbach
King, The Kite, And The Falconer, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Kingdom, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Kingdom Of Cards, The (s) by Rabindranath-Tagore
Kingdom of God is within you, The (n) by Leo-Tolstoy
Kingdom Of Heaven, The (p) by Olive-Custance
Kingdom Of Heaven, The (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Kingdom Of Love, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Kingdom Of Matter, The (e) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
Kingdom of the Blind, The (f/n) by E.-Phillips-Oppenheim
Kingdoms, The (s) by James-Baldwin
Kingry's Mill (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Kings (p) by Joyce-Kilmer
Kings And Commoners (s) by Seumas-O-Brien
Kings And Queens And Peasant Folk (s) by Loretta-Ellen-Brady
Kings And Queens Of England, The (p) by Mary Ann-H. T.-Bigelow
Kings Are Passing Deathward, The (p) by David-Morton
Kings Of The Intervale, The (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Kings, Queens And Pawns (n) by Mary-Roberts-Rinehart
Kingsborough (p) by Henry-Kendall
Kinkach Martinko (s) by Alexander-Chodzko
Kinmont Willie (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Kinmont Willie (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Kinnakulla, The (e) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Kinship (p) by Helen-Gray-Cone
Kinship (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Kinsman (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Kinsman of Red Cloud, A (s) by Owen-Wister
Kintaro, or The Wild Baby (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Kipling (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Kipling's Best Short Stories And Poems (e) by George-Hamlin-Fitch
Kirk And State Excisemen (p) by Robert-Burns
Kirk Of Scotland's Alarm - A Ballad, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Kirwan's Search For Hy-Brasail (s) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Kisa the Cat (s) by Andrew-Lang
Kismet (p) by Jean-Ingelow
Kismet (p) by Virna-Sheard
Kismet (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Kiss, The (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
Kiss, The (p) by Olive-Tilford-Dargan
Kiss, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Kiss, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Kiss, The (s) by Kate-Chopin
Kiss, A (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Kiss (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Kiss (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Kiss Returned, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Kiss [Before you kissed me only winds of heaven], The (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Kiss [I hoped that he would love me], The (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Kiss, My Love, Kiss (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
Kiss: A Dialogue, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Kisses (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Kissing Song (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Kissing Time (p) by Eugene-Field
Kissing Usury (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Kit Carson And The Bears (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Kit Kennedy, Ne'er-Do-Well (s) by S.-R.-Crockett
Kit Nubbles (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Kit's Cradle (p) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Kitchen Side Of The Door, The (s) by Edna-Ferber
Kitchener (p) by Christopher-Morley
Kite, The (p) by John-Freeman
Kite And The Nightingale, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Kite, The Pigeons, And The Hawk, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Kites And The Crows, The (s) by George-W.-Bateman
Kites And The Swans, The (s) by Aesop -author of Aesop-s Fables-
Kith Of The Elf Folk, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Kitsune (e) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Kitten and the falling Leaves, The (p) by William-Wordsworth
Kitten's Fancy, A (p) by Oliver-Herford
Kitten's Night Thought (p) by Oliver-Herford
Kitty In The Basket (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
Kitty's Bower (s) by Howard-Pease
Kitty's Cattle Show (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Kitty's Class Day (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Kitzuki: The Most Ancient Shrine Of Japan (e) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Kiyohime, Or The Power Of Love (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Klausenburg, The (s) by Ludwig-Tieck
Kleptomaniac, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Klondike Nuggets and How Two Boys Secured Them (f/n) by Edward-Sylvester-Ellis
Klondyke Roses (p) by Howard-V.-Sutherland
Klopstock And Wieland (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Klosterheim; or the Masqne (f/n) by Thomas-De Quincey
Knapsack, The (d/c) by Maria-Edgeworth
Knapsack, the Hat, and the Horn, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Knave And Fool (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Knave Of Bergen (Frankfort), The (s) by Wilhelm-Ruland
Knave of Diamonds, The (f/n) by Ethel-May-Dell
Knee-Deep In June (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Knee-Deep In Knickers (s) by Edna-Ferber
Kneel On This Carpet (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Kneeling With Herrick (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Knell At The Wedding, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Knickerbocker's History of New York (f/n) by Washington-Irving
Knight, A (s) by John-Galsworthy
Knight, The (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Knight Aagen And Maiden Else (p) by William-Morris
Knight And The Friar, The (p) by George-Colman
Knight And The Lady, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Knight And The Shepherd's Daughter, The (p) by Frank-Sidgwick
Knight Errant, The (s) by Ethel-May-Dell
Knight Errant, A (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Knight In Disguise, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Knight In The Deer's Shape, Or The Deceiver Deceived, The (p) by George-Borrow
Knight Of Malta, The (s) by Washington-Irving
Knight Of Normandy, The (p) by Marietta-Holley
Knight Of Old Japan, A (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Knight Of St. John, The (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Knight Of The Chimney-Piece, The (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Knight Of The Cumberland, A (s) by John-Fox
Knight Of The Exploits, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Knight Of The Legion Of Honor, A (s) by Francis-Hopkinson-Smith
Knight of the Nets, A (f/n) by Amelia-Edith-Barr
Knight Of The Ocean-Sea, A (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Knight of the White Cross, A (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
Knight Of Toggenburg (a ballad), The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Knight Roland (Rolandseck castle) (s) by Wilhelm-Ruland
Knight's Cross Signal Problem, The (s) by Ernest-Bramah
Knight's Epitaph, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Knight's Leap: A Legend Of Altenahr, The (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Knight's Return, The (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Knight's Tomb, The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Knight-Errant, The (p) by Virna-Sheard
Knight-Errant Of The Foothills, A (s) by Bret-Harte
Knighting Of Cuculain, The (s) by Standish-O-Grady
Knighting Of The Sirloin Of Beef By Charles The Second, The (p) by Anonymous -Poetry-s author-
Knightly Guerdon, The (p) by William-Makepeace-Thackeray
Knights Of Arthur, The (s) by Frederik-Pohl
Knights Of St. John, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Knights of the Cross, The (f/n) by Henryk-Sienkiewicz
Knights of the Fish, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Knights Of The Golden Horseshoe, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Knights Of The Golden Horseshoe (s) by Etta-Belle-Walker
Knights Of The Pen (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Knitting (war) (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Knock, Knock, Knock (s) by Ivan-Turgenev
Knocked Up (p) by Henry-Lawson
Knocker, The (s) by Zane-Grey
Knocking At The Tomb (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Knoist and his Three Sons (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Knos (s) by Clara-Stroebe
Knotty Question, A (s) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Know you the river near to Grez (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Know'st Thou The Land? (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Knowing (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Knowing One's Mind (e) by Vernon-Lee
Knowledge (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Knowledge (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Knowledge (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Knowledge (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Knowledge By Acquaintance And Knowledge By Description (e) by Bertrand-Russell
Knowledge Is Growth (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Knowlt Hoheimer (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Knut G. Holm (s) by Anthon-B. E.-Nilsen
Koerner's Battle Prayer (p) by Eugene-Field
Kolniyatsch (1913) (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Koolau the Leper (s) by Jack-London
Kooroora (p) by Henry-Kendall
Kopje Garrison: A Story of the Boer War, The (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
Kosciusko And The Fall Of Poland (s) by Charles-Morris
Koshchei The Deathless (s) by William-Ralston-Shedden-Ralston
Kosmos (p) by Walt-Whitman
Kosmos (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Kossuth (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Kossuth (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Koto And The Bird (s) by Margaret-Bemister
Kotri, By The River (p) by Laurence-Hope
Kragelill (p) by George-Borrow
Kralewitz Marko Of Servia (s) by Logan-Marshall
Kreutzer Sonata, The (f/n) by Leo-Tolstoy
Krinken (p) by Eugene-Field
Kris, And How The Malays Use It, The (s) by Rounsevelle-Wildman
Krishna (p) by George-William-Russell
Ku Klux (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Kubla Khan (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Kupti And Imani (s) by Andrew-Lang
Kuratko The Terrible (s) by Parker-Fillmore
Kut-O-Yis', The Blood Boy (s) by George-Bird-Grinnell
Kyrenaikos (p) by Alan-Seeger
Kyrkegrim Turned Preacher, The (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing