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Titles begin with I

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(Genre abbreviations:
f/n: Fiction or novel
s: Short story
e: Essay
p: Poem
d/c: Play, drama or comedy
n: Nonfiction)

"I Broke the Spell that Held Me Long" (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
"I Cannot Forget With What Fervid Devotion" (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
"I had eight birds hatcht in one nest" (Family biography) (p) by Anne-Bradstreet
"I Have Heard The Sunset Song Of The Birches (p) by Stephen-Crane
"I Have Lived With Shades" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I knew a lady" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I look in her face" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Look Into My Glass" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Looked Up From My Writing" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Met A Man" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Need Not Go" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Rose And Went To Rou'tor Town" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Said And Sang Her Excellence" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Said To Love" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Say I'll Seek Her" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Sometimes Think" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Thought, My Heart" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Travel As A Phantom Now" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Was A Stranger, And Ye Took Me In" (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
"I was not he" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Was The Midmost" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"I Will Paint Or Die!" (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
"I worked no wile to meet you" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"If I Rest, I Rust" (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
"If it's ever spring again" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"If you had known" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"If" (d/c) by Lord-Dunsany
"In All Things Gracious There Is A Thought Of You" (p) by John-Presland
"In Memoriam" (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
"In silent night when rest I took" (p) by Anne-Bradstreet
"In The Night She Came" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"In The Pink" (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
"In Youth I Have Known One" (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
"Innocent Child And Snow-White Flower" (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
"Is It April?" (p) by Hattie-Howard
"It Never Looks Like Summer" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
"It's A Boy" (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
I (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
I Ain't Dead Yet (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
I Almost Got To Fairyland One Day-- (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
I Am (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
I Am (p) by John-Clare
I Am (p) by Hilda-Conkling
I Am Content (p) by Victor-Hugo
I Am He That Aches With Love (p) by Walt-Whitman
I Am Interviewed By The Press (e) by Stephen-Leacock
I Am Like A Rose (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
I Am Like One That For Long Days Had Sate (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
I Am Not Going To Hobo Any More (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I am not One, &c; (p) by William-Wordsworth
I Am Running Forth To Meet You (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
I Am The Reaper (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
I Am The World (p) by Dora-Sigerson-Shorter
I Am Thine (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
I Am Unskill'd In Speech: My Tongue Is Slow [Vignette 9] (p) by Matilda-Betham
I and My Chimney (s) by Herman-Melville
I Arise And Go Down To The River (p) by Laurence-Hope
I Asked My Love (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
I Asked No Other Thing (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Breathed Enough To Learn The Trick (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Bring An Unaccustomed Wine (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Built Myself A House Of Glass (p) by Edward-Thomas
I Buy A Farm (e) by David-Grayson
I Call And I Call (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
I Call Thee Mine (p) by John-S.-Adams
I Can't Abear (p) by Walter-De la Mare
I Cannot Pay That Premium (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
I Cannot Tell [sonnet] (p) by Richard-Lovelace
I Change But In Dying (p) by John-S.-Adams
I Could Not Love Thee More (p) by J.-C.-Manning
I Did But Prompt The Age To Quit Their Cloggs (sonnet 12) (p) by John-Milton
I Didn't Think (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
I Didn't Think Of That! (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
I Died For Beauty, But Was Scarce (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Do Confess Thou Art Sae Fair (p) by Robert-Burns
I do not fear to own me kin (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
I Do Not Wonder That The Druids Built (p) by Charles-Sangster
I Dream (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
I Dream'd I Lay (p) by Robert-Burns
I Dream'd In A Dream (p) by Walt-Whitman
I dreamed of forest alleys fair (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
I Dreamed Of Thee, Last Night, Love! (p) by John-S.-Adams
I Dreamt Of Robin (p) by John-Clare
I Explain The Silvered Passing Of A Ship At Night (p) by Stephen-Crane
I Fancied, While You Stood Conversing There (p) by Alan-Seeger
I Felt A Funeral In My Brain (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Found The Phrase To Every Thought (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Gaed A Waefu' Gate Yestreen (p) by Robert-Burns
I Gained It So (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Gaue My Faith To Loue, Loue His To Mee (p) by Michael-Drayton
I Gave My Heart To A Woman (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
I Gili Romaneskro (p) by Charles-G.-Leland
I Gili Romaneskro - A Gipsy Ballad (p) by Charles-G.-Leland
I Give Thee Back My Heart (p) by Madge-Morris-Wagner
I Go To The City (e) by David-Grayson
I Had A Guinea Golden (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Had No Time To Hate, Because (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Hae A Wife O' My Ain (p) by Robert-Burns
I Hae Been At Crookieden (p) by Robert-Burns
I Have A King Who Does Not Speak (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Have A Rendezvous With Death . . (p) by Alan-Seeger
I Have All The Rights I Want (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
I Have Beheld (p) by Gilbert-Parker
I Have Drunk Your Tears With Insatiate Lips (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
I Have Experienced (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
I Have Never Loved You Yet (p) by John-Freeman
I Have No Hope To Make You Live In Rhyme (p) by Christopher-Morley
I Have No Life But This (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Have Not Told My Garden Yet (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Have Seen Thy Face Aflame (p) by Stephen-Crane
I Have Some Friends (p) by Robert-W.-Service
I Have Sought Happiness, But It Has Been (p) by Alan-Seeger
I Have Trod The Upward And The Downward Slope (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
I Hear A Voice Low In The Sunset Woods [Sonnet] (p) by Fanny-Kemble
I Hear America Singing (p) by Walt-Whitman
I Hear It Was Charged Against Me (p) by Walt-Whitman
I Hear Some Say, This Man Is Not In Love (p) by Michael-Drayton
I Hear The Stars Still Singing (p) by James-Weldon-Johnson
I Heard A Voice Upon The Window Beat (p) by John-Freeman
I Heard Immanuel Singing (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
I Heard The Desert Calling (p) by Gilbert-Parker
I Heard Thee Laugh (p) by Stephen-Crane
I Heard You Solemn-Sweet Pipes Of The Organ (p) by Walt-Whitman
I Hoed And Trenched And Weeded (p) by A.-E.-Housman
I Jumped On The Back Of A Dragon-Fly (p) by Laura-E.-Richards
I Ken Something (p) by George-MacDonald
I Knew How It Would Be (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
I Know A Place Where Summer Strives (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Know A Quiet Vale (p) by Thomas-S.-Jones
I Know All This When Gipsy Fiddles Cry (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
I Know An Editor (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
I Know I Am But Summer To Your Heart (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
I Know Not (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
I Know Not How It Is With You (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
I Know Not Why, But All This Weary Day (p) by Henry-Timrod
I Know That He Exists (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Know What Beauty Is (p) by George-MacDonald
I Know What I Have Learned (s) by Andrew-Lang
I Know Your Heart, O Sea! (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
I Lift My Heavy Heart Up Solemnly (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
I Like You And I Love You (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
I Lived On Dread; To Those Who Know (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Lived With Visions For My Company (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
I Look To Science (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
I Lost A World The Other Day (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Love But Thee (p) by Thomas-Moore
I Love Him For His Eyes (p) by Madge-Morris-Wagner
I Love My Love (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
I Love My Love In Secret (p) by Robert-Burns
I Love Somebody (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I Love The Night (p) by George-Pope-Morris
I Love Thee (p) by Thomas-Hood
I Love Thee (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
I Love Thee Still (p) by George-Pope-Morris
I love to be warm by the red fireside (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
I Loved . . (p) by Alan-Seeger
I Loved You, Once-- (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
I Made A Little Song (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
I Make This Rhyme Of My Lady And Me (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
I Many Times Thought Peace Had Come (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Meant To Find Her When I Came (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Met At Eve (p) by Walter-De la Mare
I Miei Saluti (p) by Eric-Mackay
I Murder Hate (p) by Robert-Burns
I Never Gave A Lock Of Hair Away (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
I never lost as much but twice (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Never Saw A Moor (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Never Saw That Land Before (p) by Edward-Thomas
I Noticed People Disappeared (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I now, O friend, whom noiselessly the snows (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
I Often Wonder Why 'Tis So (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
I Only Wish To Know (p) by Frances-Fuller-Victor
I Plan A Vacation (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
I Reach Home And Think I Have Had Enough Of The Sea (s) by William-H. G.-Kingston
I Read My Sentence Steadily (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Reason, Earth Is Short (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Reign In Jeanie's Bosom (p) by Robert-Burns
I Remember Thee (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
I Remember, I Remember (p) by Thomas-Hood
I Remembered (p) by Sara-Teasdale
I Rose From Dreamless Hours (p) by James-Elroy-Flecker
I Sat Within The Temple Of Her Heart (p) by Charles-Sangster
I Saw A Youthful Mother Lie (p) by Thomas-Cowherd
I Saw From The Beach (p) by Thomas-Moore
I Saw In Louisiana A Live-Oak Growing (p) by Walt-Whitman
I Saw Old General At Bay (p) by Walt-Whitman
I Saw The Moon Rise Clear (p) by Thomas-Moore
I Saw Three Ships (f/n) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
I Saw Three Witches (p) by Walter-De la Mare
I Saw Thy Form In Youthful Prime (p) by Thomas-Moore
I Saw, In Secret To My Dame [Epigram] (p) by Edmund-Spenser
I Say No (f/n) by Wilkie-Collins
I Scarcely Grieve, O Nature! At The Lot (p) by Henry-Timrod
I See Thee Not (p) by George-MacDonald
I See Thine Image Through My Tears To-Night (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
I Seek To Call You Near Me In The Dark (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
I Shall Be Satisfied (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
I Shall Forget (p) by Laurence-Hope
I Shall Forget You Presently, My Dear (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
I Shall Know Why, When Time Is Over (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Shall Not Care (p) by Sara-Teasdale
I Sing The Body Electric (p) by Walt-Whitman
I Sit And Look Out (p) by Walt-Whitman
I Smoke My Pipe (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
I Stand Alone, Nor Tho' My Heart Should Break (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
I Stood Tip-Toe Upon A Little Hill (p) by John-Keats
I Stood With The Dead (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
I Take Off My Hat To Albert (p) by Thomas-O-Hagan
I Taste A Liquor Never Brewed, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Thank All Who Have Loved Me In Their Hearts (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
I Thank You, Kind And Best Beloved Friend (p) by Henry-Timrod
I Think I Should Have Loved You Presently (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
I Think Just How My Shape Will Rise (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Think Of Thee!--My Thoughts Do Twine And Bud (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
I Think When I Stand In The Presence Of Death (p) by Alfred-Castner-King
I Thought No More Was Needed [song] (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
I Thought Once How Theocritus Had Sung (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
I Touched The Heart That Loved Me As A Player [Sonnet] (p) by Alice-Meynell
I travell'd among unknown Men (p) by William-Wordsworth
I Tried Milling (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
I Wake And Feel The Fell Of Dark, Not Day (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
I Walked The Roads (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I Was Looking A Long While (p) by Walt-Whitman
I Watch Swift Pictures (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
I Went Down Into The Desert (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
I Went Down The Road (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I Went To Heaven (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Went To Sea (p) by Hilda-Conkling
I Went To Thank Her (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Whispered To The Bobolink (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
I who all the winter through (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
I Will Ask (p) by John-Freeman
I Will Be Worthy Of It (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
I Will Make You Brooches And Toys For Your Delight (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
I Will Not Be Comforted Because One Is Not (p) by Margaret-Moran D.-McDougall
I Will Not Close The Door, O Love, On Thee (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
I Will Not Despair (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
I Will! (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
I Wish I Knew That Woman's Name (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Wish I Was An Apple (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I Wish I Was By That Dim Lake (p) by Thomas-Moore
I Wonder If . . . (e) by Richard-King
I Wonder If Sometimes In The Dusk (p) by Stephen-Crane
I Wonder If The Sepulchre (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Wonder What It Feels Like To Be Drowned? (p) by Robert-Graves
I Wonder Why (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
I Worked For Chaff, And Earning Wheat (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I Would Be True (s) by Margaret-White-Eggleston
I Would I Knew The Lady Of Thy Heart! [Sonnet] (p) by Fanny-Kemble
I would I were a Careless Child (p) by Lord-Byron
I Would I Were A Child (p) by George-MacDonald
I Would Live In Your Love (p) by Sara-Teasdale
I Would My Love (p) by J.-C.-Manning
I Would Not Live Alway (p) by Mary-Gardiner-Horsford
I Would Not Marry A Black Girl (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I Wouldn't Marry A Yellow Or A White Negro Girl (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I'd Die For Dear Old Rutgers (e) by Heywood-Broun
I'd Love To Be A Fairy's Child (p) by Robert-Graves
I'd Mourn The Hopes (p) by Thomas-Moore
I'd Rather Be A Failure (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
I'd Rather Be A Negro Than A Poor White Man (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I'll Aye Ca' In By Yon Town (p) by Robert-Burns
I'll Eat When I'm Hungry (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I'll Get You, Rabbit! (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I'll Look No More (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
I'll Meet Thee On The Lea Rig (p) by Robert-Burns
I'll See About It (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
I'll Wear Me A Cotton Dress (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I'm A "Round-Town" Gentleman (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
I'm A Stranger Here Myself (s) by Mack-Reynolds
I'm Nobody! Who Are You? (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I'm O'er Young To Marry Yet (p) by Robert-Burns
I'm Scared Of It All (p) by Robert-W.-Service
I'm Sitting Alone (p) by Mary-Baker-Eddy
I'm With You Once Again (p) by George-Pope-Morris
I've A Secret To Tell Thee (p) by Thomas-Moore
I've Almost Grown A Portion Of This Place (p) by Charles-Sangster
I've Got An Arrow Here (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I've Often Laughed (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
I've Seen A Dying Eye (p) by Emily-Dickinson
I've Seen Again The One Child: Verily (p) by Paul-Verlaine
I, Too (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
I, whom Apollo sometime visited (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
I. M. To R. T. Hamilton Bruce (1846-1899) (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
I. The Drug-Shop, Or, Endymion In Edmonstoun (p) by Stephen-Vincent-Benet
Iago (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Iambics (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Ian, the Soldier's Son (s) by Andrew-Lang
Ib And Christine (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Ibn Es Semmak And Er Reshid (s) by John-Payne
Ibrahim Pasha (s) by Benjamin-Disraeli
Ibsen Girl, An (s) by James-Huneker
Ibsen Revisited: A Piece Of Foolishness (d/c) by Floyd-Dell
Ibsen's "Peer Gynt" (e) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
Icarus (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Icarus And Daedalus (s) by Josephine-Preston-Peabody
Ice Crop, The (e) by Dallas-Lore-Sharp
Ice Dragon, Or Do As You Are Told, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Ice Folk And The Earth Folk, The (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Ice King and His Wonderful Grandchild (s) by William-Elliot-Griffis
Ice Man Puts Out The Fire (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
Ice Palace (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
Ice-Cream (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Ice-King In The South, The (p) by Cotton-Noe
Ice-Maiden, The (f/n) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
Icebreaker, The (s) by Maxim-Gorky
Iceland First Seen, A (p) by William-Morris
Ichabod (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Ichabod (e) by Max-Beerbohm
Ichabod (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Ichthyosaurus, The (p) by Joseph-Victor-Scheffel
Iconoclasm (p) by Walt-Mason
Iconoclast, An (s) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Iconoclastic Rustic And The Apropos Acorn, The (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
Ida (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
Ida Frickey (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Ida Lewis: The Girl Who Kept Lime Rock Burning (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Ida's Amazing Surprise (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Ida's New Year Cake (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Idas And Marpessa (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Idea Of A Pilgrimage, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Ideal, An (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Ideal, The (s) by Stanley-Grauman-Weinbaum
Ideal, The (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Ideal (p) by James-Elroy-Flecker
Ideal, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Ideal And The Actual, The (p) by Samuel-G.-Goodrich
Ideal And The Actual Life, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Ideal Author, The (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Ideal Family, An (s) by Katherine-Mansfield
Ideal Hostess, An (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Ideal Husband, An (d/c) by Oscar-Wilde
Ideal Interviews (s) by Stephen-Leacock
Ideal Man, The (e) by Myrtle-Reed
Ideal Of Woman, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Ideal Of Womanhood, The (e) by Samuel-Osgood
Ideal Preacher, The (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Ideal Woman, The (e) by Myrtle-Reed
Ideal Woman In English Poetry, The (e) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Ideal Women (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Idealist, The (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Idealist, The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Ideals, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Ideals (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Ideals (s) by Edward-Everett-Hale
Ideals Of The New Rural Society (e) by George-William-Russell
Ideas (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Ideas For Sale (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Ideas Of Jesus (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Ideas Of Polly, The (s) by Anna-Fuller
Identity Of The Green With The Wood-Sandpiper (e) by Thomas-Garnett
Ides Of March, The (s) by E.-W.-Hornung
Idiosyncrasy, An (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Idiot, The (p) by John-Freeman
Idiot, The (s) by Arnold-Bennett
Idiot, The (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Idiot, The (f/n) by Fyodor-Dostoyevsky
Idiot Boy, The (p) by William-Wordsworth
Idiots, The (s) by Joseph-Conrad
Idle (p) by Mrs. J.-C.-Yule
Idle City, The (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Idle Days On The Yann (s) by Lord-Dunsany
Idle Earth, The (e) by Richard-Jefferies
Idle Fame (p) by John-Clare
Idle Gallant, An (e) by John-Earle
Idle Shepherd-Boys or Dungeon-Gill Force, a Pastoral, The (p) by William-Wordsworth
Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Idleness (p) by Nathaniel-Parker-Willis
Idleness (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Idleness (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Idler, The (p) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
Idler, An (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Idler, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Idler 001 [No. 1: The Idler's character] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 002 [No. 2: Invitation to correspondents] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 003 [No. 3: Idler's reason for writing] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 004 [No. 4: Charities and hospitals] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 005 [No. 5: Proposal for a female army] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 006 [No. 6: Lady's performance on horseback] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 007 [No. 7: Scheme for news-writers] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 008 [No. 8: Plan of military discipline] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 009 [No. 9: Progress of idleness] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 010 [No. 10: Political credulity] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 011 [No. 11: Discourses on the weather] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 012 [No. 12: Marriages, why advertised] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 013 [No. 13: The imaginary housewife] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 014 [No. 14: Robbery of time] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 015 [No. 15: Treacle's complaint of his wife] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 016 [No. 16: Drugget's retirement] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 017 [No. 17: Expedients of idlers] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 018 [No. 18: Drugget vindicated] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 019 [No. 19: Whirler's character] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 020 [No. 20: Capture of Louisbourg] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 021 [No. 21: Linger's history of listlessness] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 022 [No. 22: Imprisonment of debtors] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 023 [No. 23: Uncertainty of friendship] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 024 [No. 24: Man does not always think] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 025 [No. 25: New actors on the stage] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 026 [No. 26: Betty Broom's history] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 027 [No. 27: Power of habits] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 028 [No. 28: Wedding-day. Grocer's wife. Chairman] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 029 [No. 29: Betty Broom's history continued] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 030 [No. 30: Corruption of news-writers] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 031 [No. 31: Disguises of idleness. Sober's character] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 032 [No. 32: On Sleep] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 033 [No. 33: Journal of a fellow of a college] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 034 [No. 34: Punch and conversation compared] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 035 [No. 35: Auction-hunter described and ridiculed] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 036 [No. 36: The terrific diction ridiculed] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 037 [No. 37: Useful things easy of attainment] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 038 [No. 38: Cruelty shown to debtors in prison] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 039 [No. 39: The various uses of the bracelet] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 040 [No. 40: The art of advertising exemplified] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 041 [No. 41: Serious reflections on the death of a friend] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 042 [No. 42: Perdita's complaint of her father] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 043 [No. 43: Monitions on the flight of time] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 044 [No. 44: The use of memory considered] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 045 [No. 45: On painting. Portraits defended] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 046 [No. 46: Molly Quick's complaint of her mistress] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 047 [No. 47: Deborah Ginger's account of city-wits] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 048 [No. 48: The bustle of idleness described and ridiculed] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 049 [No. 49: Marvel's journey narrated] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 050 [No. 50: Marvel's journey paralleled] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 051 [No. 51: Domestick greatness unattainable] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 052 [No. 52: Self-denial necessary] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 053 [No. 53: Mischiefs of good company] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 054 [No. 54: Mrs. Savecharges' complaint] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 055 [No. 55: Authors' mortifications] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 056 [No. 56: Virtuosos whimsical] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 057 [No. 57: Character of Sophron] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 058 [No. 58: Expectations of pleasure frustrated] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 059 [No. 59: Books fall into neglect] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 060 [No. 60: Minim the critic] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 061 [No. 61: Minim the critic] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 062 [No. 62: Hanger's account of the vanity of riches] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 063 [No. 63: Progress of arts and language] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 064 [No. 64: Ranger's complaint concluded] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 065 [No. 65: Fate of posthumous works] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 066 [No. 66: Loss of ancient writings] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 067 [No. 67: Scholar's journal] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 068 [No. 68: History of translation] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 069 [No. 69: History of translation] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 070 [No. 70: Hard words defended] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 071 [No. 71: Dick Shifter's rural excursion ] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 072 [No. 72: Regulation of memory] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 073 [No. 73: Tranquil's use of riches] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 074 [No. 74: Memory rarely deficient] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 075 [No. 75: Gelaleddin of Bassora] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 076 [No. 76: False criticisms on painting] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 077 [No. 77: Easy writing] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 078 [No. 78: Steady, Snug, Startle, Solid and Misty] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 079 [No. 79: Grand style of painting] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 080 [No. 80: Ladies' journey to London] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 081 [No. 81: Indian's speech to his countrymen] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 082 [No. 82: The true idea of beauty] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 083 [No. 83: Scruple, Wormwood, Sturdy and Gentle] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 084 [No. 84: Biography, how best performed] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 085 [No. 85: Books multiplied by useless compilations] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 086 [No. 86: Miss Heartless' want of a lodging] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 087 [No. 87: Amazonian bravery revived] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 088 [No. 88: What have ye done?] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 089 [No. 89: Physical evil moral good] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 090 [No. 90: Rhetorical action considered] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 091 [No. 91: Sufficiency of the English language] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 092 [No. 92: Nature of cunning] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 093 [No. 93: Sam Softly's history] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 094 [No. 94: Obstructions of learning] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 095 [No. 95: Tim Wainscot's son a fine gentleman] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 096 [No. 96: Hacho of Lapland] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 097 [No. 97: Narratives of travellers considered] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 098 [No. 98: Sophia Heedful] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 099 [No. 99: Ortogrul of Basra] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 100 [The good sort of woman] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 101 [Omar's plan of life] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 102 [Authors inattentive to themselves] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idler 103 [Honour of the last] (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Idlers, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Idling In Mid-Ocean (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Idol And The Ass, The (s) by Henry-Wallace-Phillips
Idol In A Shop Window, An (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
Idolatry - A Romance (f/n) by Julian-Hawthorne
Idols (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Idols (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Idun And Her Apples (s) by James-Baldwin
Idy (s) by Margaret-Collier-Graham
Idyl Of Battle Hollow, The (p) by Bret-Harte
Idyl Of London, An (s) by Beatrice-Harraden
Idyl Of Pelham Bay Park, An (s) by Gouverneur-Morris
Idyl Of Red Gulch, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Idyl Of Rickity Tickle, An (s) by Norman-Duncan
Idyl Of The East Side, An (s) by Thomas-A.-Janvier
Idyl Of The Honey-Bee, An (e) by John-Burroughs
Idyl Of The Period, An (p) by George-Augustus-Baker
Idyl Of The Road, An (p) by Bret-Harte
Idyl Of The Rod, An (s) by Maurice-Thompson
Idyll (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
Idyll, The (p) by Edward-Shanks
Idyll Of Dandaloo, An (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Idyll Of The Standing Stone, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Idyll Of The Wood, An (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
If (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
If (p) by Hattie-Howard
If (p) by Pat-O-Cotter
If A Star-- (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
If Age Only Practised What It Preached! (e) by Richard-King
If All The Skies (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
If Amy Lowell Had Been James Whitcomb Riley (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
If Anybody's Friend Be Dead (p) by Emily-Dickinson
If Buying A Meal Were Like Buying A House (e) by Christopher-Morley
If Christ Came Questioning (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
If Death Is Kind (p) by Sara-Teasdale
If Fair By Nature (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
If From My Lips Some Angry Accents Fell (p) by Charles-Lamb
If He From Heaven That Filched That Living Fire (p) by Michael-Drayton
If I Can Stop One Heart From Breaking (p) by Emily-Dickinson
If I Could Fly (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
If I Could Only Weep (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
If I Could Tell You The Way (p) by Hilda-Conkling
If I Don't, Others Will (p) by John-S.-Adams
If I Had A Father (d/c) by George-MacDonald
If I Had Known (p) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
If I Had Youth, A (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
If I Have Graced No Single Song Of Mine (p) by Henry-Timrod
If I Have Lived Before (p) by Alfred-Castner-King
If I Knew What Poets Know (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
If I Leave All For Thee, Wilt Thou Exchange (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
If I May Have It When It's Dead (p) by Emily-Dickinson
If I Must Live Without You, I Must Learn (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
If I Should Die (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
If I Should Die (p) by Emily-Dickinson
If I Should Ever By Chance (p) by Edward-Thomas
If I Should Ever Travel! (s) by Edna-Ferber
If I Should Learn, In Some Quite Casual Way (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
If I Should N't Be Alive (p) by Emily-Dickinson
If I Were (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
If I Were A Man, A Young Man (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
If I Were A Monk, And Thou Wert A Nun (p) by George-MacDonald
If I Were A Voice (p) by Charles-Mackay
If I Were City Editor (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
If I Were Santa's Little Boy (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
If I Were To Own (p) by Edward-Thomas
If I'd A Million Millions (p) by Will-Carleton
If In Loving, Singing (p) by Thomas-Moore
If It Ain't Right, I'll Make It All Right In The Morning! (s) by Falconbridge
If It Chance Your Eye Offend You (p) by A.-E.-Housman
If It Should Come To Be (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
If It Was A Dream (s) by Lob-Schapiro
If James, The King Of Wit [Lineally Translated Out Of The French] (p) by Richard-Lovelace
If Love Were All (p) by Helen-Leah-Reed
If Mr. Wilson Were The Weather Man (e) by Christopher-Morley
If Not Higher (s) by Isaac-Loeb-Peretz
If One Should Dive Deep (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
If Only (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
If Only ---- (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
If Rightly Tuneful Bards Decide (p) by Mark-Akenside
If Shakespeare Lived To-Day (d/c) by Lord-Dunsany
If That Were My child! (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
If The Advertising Man Had Been Gilbert (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
If The Advertising Man Had Been Praed, Or Locker (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
If The Foolish Call Them 'Flowers' (p) by Emily-Dickinson
If They Meant All They Said (p) by Alice-Duer-Miller
If This Be All (p) by Anne-Bronte
If This Should Be (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
If This Should Be (2) (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
If This Were All (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
If This Were Faith (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
If Thou Couldst Know (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
If Thou Must Love Me, Let It Be For Nought (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
If Thou Wouldst Have Me Sing And Play (p) by Thomas-Moore
If Thou Wouldst Know The Beautiful (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
If Thou'lt Be Mine (p) by Thomas-Moore
If Truth In Hearts That Perish (p) by A.-E.-Housman
If We Should Meet Him (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
If Winter Don't (f/n) by Barry-Pain
If Words Fail, Song Will Come (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
If writing Journals were my task [Vignette 1] (p) by Matilda-Betham
If You Frown (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
If You Had A Friend (p) by Robert-W.-Service
If You Touch Them They Vanish (s) by Gouverneur-Morris
If You Were Coming In The Fall (p) by Emily-Dickinson
If ['Twixt What Thou Art, And What Thou Wouldst Be, Let] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
If [Dear Love, If You And I Could Sail Away] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
If, After All ...! (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
If-- (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Ignace Jan Paderewski (p) by Oliver-Herford
Ignis Fatuus (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Ignorance And Insularity (e) by Brander-Matthews
Ignorance Of The Clergy In The Middle Ages (e) by William-Alexander-Clouston
Igor (s) by Margery-Verner-Reed
Iguana And The Turtle, The (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Ike Walton's Prayer (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Ikon, The (s) by Maurice-Baring
Iktomi And The Coyote (s) by Zitkala-Sa
Iktomi And The Ducks (s) by Zitkala-Sa
Iktomi And The Fawn (s) by Zitkala-Sa
Iktomi And The Muskrat (s) by Zitkala-Sa
Iktomi And The Turtle (s) by Zitkala-Sa
Iktomi's Blanket (s) by Zitkala-Sa
Il Conde (s) by Joseph-Conrad
Il Penseroso (p) by John-Milton
Il Ponte D'aviglio (p) by Eric-Mackay
Il Santo (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Il Y A Cent Ans (p) by George-Meredith
Ildini (s) by Elaine-Goodale-Eastman
Ilgar's Song (p) by John-Presland
Ilia Muromec Of Russia (s) by Logan-Marshall
Iliad, The (n) by Homer
Iliad, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Iliad Of Sandy Bar, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Ilicet (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Ilka On The Hill-Top (s) by Hjalmar-Hjorth-Boyesen
Ill Luck (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Ill Omens (p) by Thomas-Moore
Ill-Assorted Marriages (e) by James-Runciman
Ill-Luck And The Fiddler (s) by Howard-Pyle
Ill-Married, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Ill-Regulated Destiny Of Kin Yen, The Picture-Maker, The (s) by Ernest-Bramah
Illa Creek (p) by Henry-Kendall
Ille Terrarum (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Illic Jacet (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Illicit (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Illicit Distilling And Smuggling (s) by Jeanie-Lang
Illileo (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Illinois Village, The (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Illness (e) by Alice-Meynell
Illogical Geology (e) by Herbert-Spencer
Illumed (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Illusion (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Illusion, The (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Illusion (p) by George-William-Russell
Illusion (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Illusion Of Historic Time, The (e) by Alice-Meynell
Illusion Of War, The (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Illusionary Love (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Illusions (p) by Samuel-G.-Goodrich
Illusions (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Illusions (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Illusions Of Writers In Verse, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Illustration Of A Picture: "A Spanish Girl Reverie" (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Illustrations Of Mr. Gladstone's Controversial Methods (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Illustrious Gaudissart, The (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Illustrious Prince, The (f/n) by E.-Phillips-Oppenheim
Image, The (s) by Isaac-Loeb-Peretz
Image, The (p) by John-Freeman
Image In The Glass, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Image Of God, The (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Image Of The Gods (s) by Alan-Edward-Nourse
Image of the Lost Soul, The (s) by Saki
Image Painter, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Imaginary Invalid, The (d/c) by Moliere
Imagination (p) by John-Freeman
Imagination (p) by Everard-Jack-Appleton
Imagination (s) by James-Fenimore-Cooper
Imagination (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Imagination In Work, The (e) by Hamilton-Wright-Mabie
Imagination Without Dreaming The Secret Of Material Success (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Imagination: Its Functions And Its Culture, The (e) by George-MacDonald
Imaginative Woman, An (s) by Thomas-Hardy
Imaginings (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Imam's Parable, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Imanuel Ehrenhardt (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Imishologu, The (s) by William-Charles-Scully
Imitated From Aristophanes (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Imitated from Catullus. To Ellen (p) by Lord-Byron
Imitated From Ossian (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Imitated From The Welsh (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Imitated From Wordsworth (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Imitation (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Imitation (p) by Giacomo-Leopardi
Imitation (p) by Thomas-Moore
Imitation Of An Italian Sonnet (p) by Samuel-Rogers
Imitation Of Anacreon, An (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Imitation Of Catullus (p) by Thomas-Moore
Imitation Of Christ, The (e) by George-Hamlin-Fitch
Imitation Of Dr. Watts, An (p) by Eugene-Field
Imitation Of Part Of The Sixth Satire Of The Second Book Of Horace (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Imitation Of Spenser (p) by John-Keats
Imitation Of The Inferno Of Dante (p) by Thomas-Moore
Imitation Of The Style Of **** (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Imitation of Tibullus. 'Sulpicia ad Cerinthum' (p) by Lord-Byron
Imitations (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Imitator, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Imitators (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Immaculate Conception, The (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Immanuel Kant (n) by Elbert-Hubbard
Immensity Of Creation, The (s) by John-S.-Adams
Immigrants, The (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Immigration (p) by Banjo-Paterson
Immorality Of Shop-Windows, The (e) by Walter-Prichard-Eaton
Immortal (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Immortal (p) by William-Carlos-Williams
Immortal (L'immortel), The (f/n) by Alphonse-Daudet
Immortal Foes (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Immortal Gods, The (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Immortal Is An Ample Word (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Immortal Part, The (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Immortal Sails (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Immortal Strain, The (p) by Edward-Dyson
Immortal Word, The (p) by Helen-Gray-Cone
Immortalis (p) by David-Morton
Immortality (p) by Jean-Blewett
Immortality (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Immortality (e) by Ambrose-Bierce
Immortality (p) by George-William-Russell
Immortality [Sonnet] (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Immortelles (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Immutability (p) by Thomas-S.-Jones
Immutability (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Imogen (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Imogen (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Imp of the Perverse, The (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Impact (s) by Irving-E.-Cox
Impact Of A Dollar Upon The Heart, The (p) by Stephen-Crane
Impartiality (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Impatience (e) by Amber
Impatience (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Impecunious Cricket And The Frugal Ant, The (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
Impenitent Ultima (p) by Ernest-Dowson
Imperator Augustus (p) by Rennell-Rodd
Impercipient, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Imperfect Revolution, An (p) by Dora-Sigerson-Shorter
Imperfect Sympathies (e) by Charles-Lamb
Imperfection (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Imperial Monster, An (s) by Charles-Morris
Imperial Rescript, An (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Imperial Revels (p) by Victor-Hugo
Imperial Savage, An (s) by Charles-Morris
Imperialist, The (f/n) by Sara-Jeannette-Duncan
Imperishable (s) by Alexander-Chodzko
Imperishable Fiction (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Imperturbable (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Impetuous Breeze And The Diplomatic Sun, The (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
Impetuous Resolve, An (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Impetuous Samuel (p) by Harry-Graham
Impolite Sex, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Importance of Being Earnest, The (d/c) by Oscar-Wilde
Importance Of Education Proved In Lincoln's Case, The (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
Importance Of Individuals, The (e) by William-James
Important Moments (p) by Jared-Barhite
Important Thing, The (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Important Trifler, The (e) by Oliver-Goldsmith
Importunate Fortune, Written To Dr. Powel, Of Cantreff, The (p) by Henry-Vaughan
Impossibilities: To His Friend (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Impossible Enchantment, An (s) by Andrew-Lang
Impossible Thing, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Imposter, An (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Impostor (p) by David-Morton
Impostures of Scapin, The (d/c) by Moliere
Impression, An (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Impression, An (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Impression (p) by Arthur-Symons
Impression (p) by Thomas-S.-Jones
Impression De Voyage (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Impression Du Matin (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Impression Fausse (p) by Paul-Verlaine
Impression--Le Reveillon (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Impressions (p) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
Impressions In The Theatre (e) by Carl-Van Vechten
Impressions Of An Indian Childhood (s) by Zitkala-Sa
Impressions Of London (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Impressions of Theophrastus Such (e) by George-Eliot
Imprisoned Lark, The (p) by Jean-Blewett
Imprisonment Of The Learned (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Impromptu (p) by Lord-Byron
Impromptu (p) by Fanny-Kemble
Impromptu, An (p) by George-Borrow
Impromptu (p) by John-Clare
Impromptu, An (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Impromptu Fairy-Tale, An (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Impromptu Lines To Captain Riddell (p) by Robert-Burns
Impromptu Lines Upon A Very Handsome Woman (p) by Sir-John-Carr
Impromptu Lines, Upon Anacreon Moore's Saying That He Disliked Singing To Men (p) by Sir-John-Carr
Impromptu On Carron Iron Works (p) by Robert-Burns
Impromptu On General Dumourier's Desertion From The French Republican Army (p) by Robert-Burns
Impromptu On Hearing Miss Thrale...About A Gown And Hat She Was Inclined To Wear (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Impromptu On Roller Skates, An (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Impromptu To Madame C---- (p) by Sir-John-Carr
Impromptu Translation Of An Air In The Clemenza Di Tito Of Metastasio (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Impromptu [upon Being Obliged To Leave A Pleasant Party] (p) by Thomas-Moore
Impromptu, After A Visit To Mrs. ----, Of Montreal (p) by Thomas-Moore
Impromptu, In Reply To A Lady (p) by Sir-John-Carr
Impromptu, On Leaving Some Friends (p) by Thomas-Moore
Impromptu, To Oriana...at A Christening (p) by Thomas-Gent
Impromptu, Written Among The Ruins Of The Sonnenberg (p) by Fanny-Kemble
Impromptu--"I'll Go And Be A Sodger" (p) by Robert-Burns
Impromptu: On An Inveterate Spouter (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Impromptu: On Being Asked By A Lady To Write A Verse In Her Album (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Impromptu: On The Death Of Thomas Kneath, Teacher Of Navigation, At Swansea (p) by J.-C.-Manning
Impromptu: To J. W----T (p) by Thomas-Cowherd
Improvement (p) by Hattie-Howard
Improvement (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Improvisation, An (p) by George-MacDonald
Improvisatore Or, 'John Anderson, My Jo, John', The (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Improviso On A Young Heir's Coming Of Age (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Improviso Translation Of Some Lines Of M. Benserade A Son Lit (p) by Samuel-Johnson
Impulse (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Impulse, The (p) by Robert-Frost
In '76 (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
In A Belgian Garden (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
In A Boat (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
In A Breton Cemetery (p) by Ernest-Dowson
In A Burying Ground (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In A Caravan (s) by Henry-Seton-Merriman
In A Castle (p) by Amy-Lowell
In A Cathedral City (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In A Cemetery (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
In A Chair (p) by John-Collings-Squire
In A Church (p) by Rennell-Rodd
In A Churchyard (p) by George-MacDonald
In A Coffee-Shop (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
In A College Garden (p) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
In A Copy Of Browning (p) by Bliss-Carman
In A Copy Of Fitzgerald's "Omar" (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
In A Copy Of Mr. Swinburne's Tristram Of Lyonesse (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
In A Copy Of Omar Khayyam (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
In A Crooked Way (s) by Henry-Seton-Merriman
In A Cuban Garden (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In A Dry Season (s) by Henry-Lawson
In A Dungeon Of Russia (p) by Max-Eastman
In A Eweleaze Near Weatherbury (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In A Far Country (s) by Jack-London
In A Field (s) by Margery-Verner-Reed
In A Forest (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
In A Garden (p) by Amy-Lowell
In A Garden (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In A Garden (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In A Garden (p) by Bliss-Carman
In a German Pension (s) by Katherine-Mansfield
In A Girls' School (p) by David-Morton
In a Gondola (p) by Robert-Browning
In A Gowt (s) by George-Manville-Fenn
In a Hollow of the Hills (f/n) by Bret-Harte
In A Japanese Garden (e) by Lafcadio-Hearn
In A Letter To A.R.C. On Her Wishing To Be Called Anna (p) by Matilda-Betham
In A Library (p) by Emily-Dickinson
In A London Flat (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In A London Garden (s) by Barry-Pain
In A London Square (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
In A Mountain Defile (s) by Maxim-Gorky
In A Mulberry Tree (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
In A Museum (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In A Native Village (s) by Louis-Becke
In A New World; or, Among The Gold Fields Of Australia (f/n) by Horatio-Alger
In A Pioneer Restaurant (s) by Bret-Harte
In A Pleasant Little Valley (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
In A Pullman Car - A Love Story (s) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
In A Railroad Station (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In A Railway Carriage (p) by Alfred-Noyes
In A Red Cross Hospital (p) by Max-Eastman
In A Restaurant (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In A Rosary (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In A Rush (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
In A Sailors' Home (e) by Morley-Roberts
In A Season Of Bereavement (p) by Eliza-Paul-Gurney
In A Shinto Temple Garden (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
In A Silence (p) by Bliss-Carman
In A State Of Sin (s) by Owen-Wister
In A Steamer Chair (f/n) by Robert-Barr
In A Storm (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
In A Strange Land (s) by Anton-Chekhov
In A Subway Station (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In A Thousand Years (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
In A Tropical Garden (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
In A Waiting-Room (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In A Wet Season (s) by Henry-Lawson
In A Whispering Gallery (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In A Wood (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In A Wood (p) by Dora-Sigerson-Shorter
In a Word (Sonnet) (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
In A Yellow Frame (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
In Absence (p) by Sidney-Lanier
In Absence (p) by Arthur-Weir
In Absence (p) by Edith-Nesbit
In Age (p) by Edith-Nesbit
In Alcala (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
In Algiers (s) by Margery-Verner-Reed
In Allusion To The French Song: "N'entendez Vous Pas Ce Language" (p) by Richard-Lovelace
In Amicum Foeneratorem (p) by Henry-Vaughan
In Amsterdam (p) by Eugene-Field
In An Album (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
In An Autumn Garden (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
In An English Garden (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
In An Hotel (s) by Anton-Chekhov
In An Illuminated Missal (p) by Charles-Kingsley
In An Old Art Gallery (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
In An Old Burial Ground (p) by David-Morton
In An Old Garden (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In An Omnibus (p) by Arthur-Symons
In An Orchard (p) by John-Collings-Squire
In An Oriental Harbour (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
In An Underground Dressing-Station (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
In Answer To A Request (p) by Amy-Lowell
In Anticipation Of Autumn (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
In April Earth Is White And Rose [song] (p) by Theophile-Gautier
In Arcadia (p) by John-Presland
In Arcady (p) by Thomas-S.-Jones
In Arcady (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In Armour (p) by Gilbert-Parker
In August (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
In August (p) by William-Dean-Howells
In Autumn (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
In Autumn (p) by Alice-Meynell
In Autumn (p) by Arthur-Symons
In Barracks (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
In Bethlehem (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
In Blue Creek Canon (f/n) by Anna-Chapin-Ray
In Bohemia (p) by Arthur-Symons
In Bondage (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
In Bonds (p) by George-MacDonald
In Borrowed Plumes (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
In Brief Authority (f/n) by F.-Anstey
In Cabin'd Ships At Sea (p) by Walt-Whitman
In Camden Town (p) by Gilbert-Parker
In Camp At Juniper Cove (p) by Gilbert-Parker
In Case Of Fire (s) by Randall-Garrett
In Central Park (p) by Carolyn-Wells
In Charidemum (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In Chartres Cathedral (p) by Rennell-Rodd
In Childbed (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In Church (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
In Church. 1916 (p) by John-Oxenham
In Cloak Of Grey (p) by Alfred-Noyes
In Connection with the De Willoughby Claim (f/n) by Frances-Hodgson-Burnett
In Connemara (p) by George-William-Russell
In Contumaciam (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
In Convalescence (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
In Corsica (e) by Morley-Roberts
In Dark New England Days (s) by Sarah-Orne-Jewett
In Darkest Africa (p) by Oliver-Herford
In Darkness [sonnet] (p) by Amy-Lowell
In Days Of Old (p) by Thomas-S.-Jones
In Days To Come (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
In Death Divided (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In Deeper Vein (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
In Defence Of Bad Taste (e) by Carl-Van Vechten
In Defence Of Gambling (e) by Israel-Zangwill
In Defence Of The Bush (p) by Banjo-Paterson
In Defense (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
In Defense Of Astigmatism (e) by P-G-Wodehouse
In Defense of Harriet Shelley (e) by Mark-Twain
In Deo Fides (p) by Alfred-Castner-King
In Desert and Wilderness (f/n) by Henryk-Sienkiewicz
In Dorset Dear (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
In Dreams (p) by J.-C.-Manning
In Dreams, Unhappy, I Behold You Stand (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In Dry Toronto, A Local Study Of A Universal Topic (s) by Stephen-Leacock
In Due Season (p) by John-McCrae
In Earliest Spring (p) by William-Dean-Howells
In Early May (p) by Bliss-Carman
In Early Spring (p) by Alice-Meynell
In Early Spring (p) by John-Presland
In Egypt (p) by Virna-Sheard
In England (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
In Error (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
In Etesiam Lachrymantem (p) by Henry-Vaughan
In Examination (p) by Rupert-Brooke
In Excelsis (p) by Amy-Lowell
In Exile (p) by Emma-Lazarus
In Exile (s) by Anton-Chekhov
In Exile (s) by Mary-Hallock-Foote
In Extremis (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
In February (p) by George-MacDonald
In February Days (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
In February [sonnet] (p) by Alice-Meynell
In Fervent Praise Of Picnics (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
In Fisherrow (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
In Flanders (p) by Eugene-Field
In Flanders Fields (p) by John-McCrae
In Flood Time (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
In Former Times, Such As Had Store Of Coin (p) by Michael-Drayton
In Fortune's Twilight (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
In Fountain Court (p) by Arthur-Symons
In France I Saw A Hill (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
In Freedom's Cause (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
In Friendship's Guise (f/n) by William-Murray-Graydon
In Front Of The Landscape (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In Ghostly Japan (s) by Lafcadio-Hearn
In Gold Lacquer (p) by Bliss-Carman
In Grey Days (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
In Harbor (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
In Harmony With Nature (p) by Matthew-Arnold
In Harness (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
In Harness (p) by Lola-Ridge
In Heaven No Heart Still Heaves (p) by Edward-Doyle
In Her Diary (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
In Her Precincts (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In High Life (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
In Hilly-Wood (p) by John-Clare
In His Hand (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
In Holland (p) by Eugene-Field
In Homes Unblest (1919) (e) by Max-Beerbohm
In Honour Bound (s) by Harold-Avery
In Honour of Du Bartas, 1641 (p) by Anne-Bradstreet
In Honour Of Matthew Prior (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
In Honour Of St. Alphonsus Rodriguez Laybrother Of The Society Of Jesus (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
In Honour Of Taffy Topaz (p) by Christopher-Morley
In Honour's Cause: A Tale of the Days of George the First (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
In Horseland (p) by Walt-Mason
In Horto Rev. J. Still (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
In Hospital (p) by Edith-Nesbit
In Hospital (p) by Edward-Dyson
In Hyde Park (p) by Henry-Kendall
In India's Dreamy Land (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
In Italy (e) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
In July (p) by Henry-Newbolt
In July (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
In July (p) by George-W.-Doneghy
In June (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In Kensington Gardens (p) by Arthur-Symons
In Kentucky (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
In Kropfsberg Keep (s) by Ralph-Adams-Cram
In Laleham Churchyard (p) by William-Watson
In Lands I Never Saw, They Say (p) by Emily-Dickinson
In Late Fall (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In Limehouse Reach (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
In Love And War (s) by Henry-Seton-Merriman
In Love With The Czarina (s) by Maurus-Jokai
In Love's Afterglow, Full Of Stars (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
In Luck at Last (f/n) by Walter-Besant
In Lukewarm Weather (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
In Lupum (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In Madeira Place (s) by Heman-White-Chaplin
In March (p) by Archibald-Lampman
In March (p) by Max-Eastman
In Mars, What Avatar? (p) by Don-Marquis
In Maryland (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
In Maximum (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In May (p) by Archibald-Lampman
In May (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
In May (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In May (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
In May (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
In Maytime (p) by Gilbert-Parker
In Medias Res (e) by Francis-B.-Pearson
In Memoriam (p) by J.-C.-Manning
In Memoriam (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
In Memoriam (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
In Memoriam (p) by Jean-Blewett
In Memoriam (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
In Memoriam (p) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
In Memoriam (p) by James-McIntyre
In Memoriam (p) by R.-C.-Lehmann
In Memoriam (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
In Memoriam (e) by Maurice-Maeterlinck
In Memoriam (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
In Memoriam (David J. Ryan, C.S.A.) (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
In Memoriam (Easter, 1915) (p) by Edward-Thomas
In Memoriam (Father Keeler) (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
In Memoriam - Olivia Susan Clemens (s) by Mark-Twain
In Memoriam E. B. E. (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
In Memoriam E. H (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In Memoriam F. A. S (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In Memoriam F. O. S. (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In Memoriam P. D. (p) by G.-K.-Chesterton
In Memoriam, Charles Olives Baylis (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
In Memoriam, Francis Barton Gummere (e) by Christopher-Morley
In Memoriam, Henry Lewis Prowse (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
In Memoriam--Alice Fane Gunn Stenhouse (p) by Henry-Kendall
In Memoriam--Harris Simons (p) by Henry-Timrod
In Memoriam--Nicol Drysdale Stenhouse (p) by Henry-Kendall
In Memoriam--Rev. J. J. Lyons (p) by Emma-Lazarus
In Memoriam: George Warrington Steevens (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
In Memoriam: Reginae Dilectissimae Victoriae (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
In Memoriam: Samuel Coleridge-Taylor (p) by Alfred-Noyes
In Memoriam: Thomas Edward Brown (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
In Memorium (p) by George-MacDonald
In Memorium, Margaret Gatty (s) by Juliana-Horatia-Ewing
In Memory (p) by Joyce-Kilmer
In Memory Of A British Aviator (p) by Alfred-Noyes
In Memory Of A Child (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
In memory of a happy day in February (p) by Anne-Bronte
In Memory Of Alfred Pollexfen (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
In Memory Of Aurelio Saffi [Beloved above all nations, land adored] (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In Memory Of Aurelio Saffi [The wider world of men that is not ours] (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In Memory Of Barry Cornwall (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In Memory Of Charles H. Sandford (p) by George-Pope-Morris
In Memory Of Charles Wentworth Upham, Jr (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
In Memory Of Douglas Vernon Cow (p) by Muriel-Stuart
In Memory Of Edward Butler (p) by Henry-Kendall
In Memory Of Henry A. Bright (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In Memory Of J. P. Vrevsky (p) by Ivan-Turgenev
In Memory Of J. W. Peckover (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
In Memory Of John And Robert Ware (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
In Memory Of John Fairfax (p) by Henry-Kendall
In Memory Of John Leach Craig (p) by Margaret-Moran D.-McDougall
In Memory Of John W. Francis, Jr (p) by George-Pope-Morris
In Memory Of Major Robert Gregory (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
In Memory Of Meredith (p) by Alfred-Noyes
In Memory Of Mr. Agostino Isola, Of Cambridge (p) by Matilda-Betham
In Memory Of Mr. James Bremner (p) by Francis-Hopkinson
In Memory Of My Brother (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
In Memory Of Rupert Brooke (p) by Joyce-Kilmer
In Memory Of Saretta Deakin (p) by Edith-Nesbit
In Memory Of Swinburne (p) by Alfred-Noyes
In Memory Of The American Aviators Killed In France (p) by Christopher-Morley
In Memory Of The Late G. C. Of Montreal (p) by Rosanna-Eleanor-Leprohon
In Memory Of Thomas Ireland (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
In Memory Of Very Rev. J. B. Etienne (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
In Memory Of Walter Savage Landor (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In Memory: James T. Fields (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
In Merry Mexico (e) by Stephen-Leacock
In Michigan (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
In Mid-atlantic (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
In Middle Spring (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In Midnights Of November (p) by A.-E.-Housman
In Midsummer Days (s) by August-Strindberg
In Mine Own Monument I Lye [song] (p) by Richard-Lovelace
In Morocco (n) by Edith-Wharton
In Morte, II. On The Death Of Cardinal Colonna And Laura (p) by Emma-Lazarus
In Morte, XLIII (p) by Emma-Lazarus
In Mortem Meditare (Dying Thoughts) (p) by Alfred-Castner-King
In Mother's Room (p) by Joseph-Crosby-Lincoln
In My Lady's Bedchamber (s) by Howard-Pease
In My Own Album (p) by Charles-Lamb
In My Own Shire, If I Was Sad (p) by A.-E.-Housman
In My Pillow (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
In My Room (p) by Max-Eastman
In Myrtle Wreaths (p) by Thomas-Moore
In Mythic Seas (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In Narrow Ways (p) by John-Oxenham
In Nauvoo (s) by Robert-W.-Chambers
In New Granada: Heroes and Patriots (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
In New Orleans (p) by Eugene-Field
In Nineteen Hundred And Now (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
In Notre Dame (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
In Noumea (s) by Louis-Becke
In November (p) by Archibald-Lampman
In November (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In November [Sonnet] (p) by Archibald-Lampman
In Obitum Honoratissimi Viri... (p) by Christopher-Marlowe
In Obitum Theophili Poetae (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In October (p) by Bliss-Carman
In October (p) by Archibald-Lampman
In Old Kentucky (s) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
In Our Neighborhood (s) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
In Passion Week (s) by Anton-Chekhov
In Paths Untrodden (p) by Walt-Whitman
In Patria (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
In Peace (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
In Pipi Valley (s) by Gilbert-Parker
In Port (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In Port (p) by Heinrich-Heine
In Praise Of A Lawn-Mower (e) by Charles-S.-Brooks
In Praise Of Chess (e) by A.-G.-Gardiner
In Praise Of Contentment (p) by Eugene-Field
In Praise Of Courtship (e) by Vernon-Lee
In Praise Of Galloway (s) by S.-R.-Crockett
In Praise Of Gloriana's Remarkable Golden Hair [Rhyme For Gloriana] (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
In Praise Of Governesses (e) by Vernon-Lee
In Praise Of Johnny Appleseed (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
In Praise Of Old Houses (e) by Vernon-Lee
In Praise Of Silence (e) by Vernon-Lee
In Praise Of Songs That Die (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
In Praise Of The Weymouth Pine (e) by Bradford-Torrey
In Praise Of Walking (e) by A.-G.-Gardiner
In Praise Of Youth (p) by Olive-Custance
In Pride Of Wit, When High Desire Of Fame (p) by Michael-Drayton
In Prison (p) by William-Morris
In Prison--And At Home (p) by William-Morris
In Quantity - Milton - (Experiments) (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
In Quest (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
In remembrance of John Ingerfield, and of Anne, his wife (s) by Jerome-K-Jerome
In Remembrance Of Joseph Sturge (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
In Reply To An Invitation (p) by Thomas-Burke
In Response (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
In Response To A Kind Gift Of Flowers (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
In Rome (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
In School-Days (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
In Search of the Castaways (f/n) by Jules-Verne
In Search of the Unknown (f/n) by Robert-W.-Chambers
In Secret (f/n) by Robert-W.-Chambers
In September (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
In Sepulcretis (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In Several Keys. No. 1--'Marie' (p) by John-Kendall
In Several Keys. No. 2--The Ballad Of Morbid Mothers (p) by John-Kendall
In Shadow (p) by Emily-Dickinson
In Sickness (p) by Jonathan-Swift
In Society (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
In Solitude (p) by Virna-Sheard
In Somerset (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
In Spite Of Myself (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
In Spring (p) by Ernest-Dowson
In Spring, Santa Barbara (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In Springtime (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
In St. Germain Street (p) by Bliss-Carman
In Such An Hour (p) by Fay-Inchfawn
In Summer (p) by David-Morton
In Summer (p) by Johann Wolfgang-von-Goethe
In Summer (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In Summer (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
In Summer Time (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
In Sunflower Time (p) by Jean-Blewett
In Tabulam Eximii Pictoris B. Haydoni (p) by Charles-Lamb
In Tempore Senectutis (p) by Ernest-Dowson
In That Dark Silent Hour (p) by John-Freeman
In The "Chinking" (s) by Mary-Noailles-Murfree
In The "Old South" (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
In The Absence Of Rules (s) by Henry-Wallace-Phillips
In The Absence Of The Agent (s) by Edna-Ferber
In The Accident Ward (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
In The After-Days (s) by Owen-Wister
In The Afternoon (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
In The Afternoon (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
In The Album Of A Clergyman's Lady (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Album Of A French Teacher (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Album Of A Very Young Lady (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Album Of Catherine Orkney (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Album Of Edith S[outhey] (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Album Of Lucy Barton (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Album Of Miss ------ (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Album Of Miss Daubeny (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Album Of Mrs. Jane Towers (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Album Of Rotha Q[uillinan] (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Anchor Watch (s) by James-B.-Connolly
In The Autograph Book Of Mrs. Sergeant W------ (p) by Charles-Lamb
In The Bay (s) by James-Runciman
In The Bay (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In The Bayou (p) by Don-Marquis
In The Beginning (s) by Mabel-Cook-Cole
In The Binnacle (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
In The Black Canon (s) by Cy-Warman
In The Blackfriars Wynd (s) by Howard-Pease
In The Blue Heaven (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
In The Blue Ridge (p) by Olive-Tilford-Dargan
In The British Museum (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In The Broadway Cars (s) by Stephen-Crane
In the Brooding Wild (f/n) by Ridgwell-Cullum
In The Burst Of The Southwest Monsoon (s) by Rounsevelle-Wildman
In The Cage (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
In the Cage (f/n) by Henry-James
In The Car (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
In The Carpenter's Shop (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In The Carquinez Woods (f/n) by Bret-Harte
In The Cave Of The Children's Ghosts (e) by Lafcadio-Hearn
In The Caverns Of The Pitt (s) by Cyrus-Townsend-Brady
In The Chair (e) by Ralph-Bergengren
In The Character Of A Ruined Farmer (p) by Robert-Burns
In The Children's Hospital (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
In The Church At Stratford-On-Avon (p) by Horatio-Alger
In The City (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
In The Clay (s) by George-Augustus-Moore
In The Cliff Land Of The Dane (s) by Howard-Pease
In the Closed Room (s) by Frances-Hodgson-Burnett
In The Coach-House (s) by Anton-Chekhov
In The Cold Green Mountains (p) by Hamlin-Garland
In The Cold Grey Dawn Of The Morning After (p) by W.-E.-Christian
In The Cold Night (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
In The Coliseum (p) by Rennell-Rodd
In The Cool Of The Evening (p) by Alfred-Noyes
In The Corridor (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
In the Court (s) by Anton-Chekhov
In The Court Of Johore (s) by Rounsevelle-Wildman
In The Court Of The Dragon (s) by Robert-W.-Chambers
In The Crowd (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
In The Dark (s) by Anton-Chekhov
In The Dark (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
In The Dark Days (s) by Charles-Kellogg-Field
In The Dark Forest (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
In The Day Of Battle (p) by Bliss-Carman
In The Days Of Crinoline (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In The Days Of The '15 (s) by Jeanie-Lang
In the Days of the Comet (f/n) by H.-G.-Wells
In The Days When The World Was Wide (p) by Henry-Lawson
In The Deep Of The Grass (e) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
In The Deep Of The Snow (s) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
In The Deeps Of Dream (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
In The Depths Of A Forest (p) by Henry-Kendall
In The Dials (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
In The Dimple Of Beauty's Cheek (p) by Edward-Doyle
In The Droving Days (p) by Banjo-Paterson
In The Duck-yard (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
In the Eastern Seas (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
In The End (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In The Evening (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
In The Evil Days (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
In The Factory (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
In The Fall O' Year (p) by Thomas-S.-Jones
In the Family (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
In The Far North (s) by Louis-Becke
In The Firelight (p) by Eugene-Field
In The Flash Of A Jewel (e) by Myrtle-Reed
In the Foam (p) by Sidney-Lanier
In the Fog (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
In The Forest (p) by Oscar-Wilde
In The Forest (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In The Forest (e) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
In The Forests Of The North (s) by Jack-London
In The Fourth Year - Anticipations of a World Peace (1918) (n) by H.-G.-Wells
In The Gallery (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
In The Garden (p) by Emily-Dickinson
In The Garden (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In The Garden At The Dawn Hour (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
In The Garden Of God (p) by George-William-Russell
In The Gardens Of Falerina (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In The Gloaming (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
In The Gold Room--A Harmony (p) by Oscar-Wilde
In The Golden Afterglow You Lay, (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
In The Golden Chersonese (s) by Rounsevelle-Wildman
In The Good Time After The War (s) by Stephen-Leacock
In The Grass (p) by Hamlin-Garland
In The Graveyard (s) by Anton-Chekhov
In The Green And Gallant Spring (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In The Half-way House (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
In The Hands Of A Receiver (e) by Samuel-McChord-Crothers
In The Hands Of His Friends (s) by Andy-Adams
In The Happy Long Ago (p) by Cotton-Noe
In the Harbor (p) by Henry-Wadsworth-Longfellow
In The Harbor Of Fayal (s) by James-Barnes
In The Haymarket (p) by Arthur-Symons
In The Heart Of June (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
In The Heart Of The Rockies (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
In The Heart Of The Woods (p) by Alfred-Noyes
In The Hemlocks (e) by John-Burroughs
In The Highlands, In The Country Places (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In The Home (s) by M.-A.-Loper
In The Home Stretch (p) by Robert-Frost
In The House Of Idiedaily (p) by Bliss-Carman
In The House of Suddhoo (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
In the Irish Brigade: A Tale of War in Flanders and Spain (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
In the King's Name: The Cruise of the "Kestrel" (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
In The King's Service, Episodes Of A Beach-Comber (s) by Louis-Becke
In The Lamplight (p) by Bert-Leston-Taylor
In the Land of Souls (s) by Andrew-Lang
In The Land Of Time (s) by Lord-Dunsany
In The Lane (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In The Lane (p) by John-Freeman
In The Last Year (p) by Virna-Sheard
In the Library (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
In The Long Run (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
In The Long Silence Of The Sea (p) by Conrad-Aiken
In the Mahdi's Grasp (f/n) by George-Manville-Fenn
In The Mammoth Cave (s) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
In The Manner Of The Moderns (p) by Thomas-Gent
In The Matter Of A Private (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
In The Matter Of Aristocracy (e) by Grant-Allen
In The Meadow (p) by Myrtle-Reed
In The Metropolitan Museum (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In The Mind's Eye (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In The Mission Garden (p) by Bret-Harte
In The Mist (p) by Susan-Coolidge
In The Mixed Court: Shanghai (p) by Eunice-Tietjens
In The Morning (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
In The Morning Of Life (p) by Thomas-Moore
In the Morning of Time (f/n) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
In The Morning, In The Morning (p) by A.-E.-Housman
In The Mountains Of Kentucky [a Song] (p) by Cotton-Noe
In The Mulberry Street Court (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
In The Neolithic Age (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
In The Nick Of Time (s) by Edward-Sylvester-Ellis
In The Night (p) by Stephen-Crane
In The Night (p) by George-MacDonald
In The Night (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
In The Night (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
In the Night (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
In The Night (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
In The Night (p) by Emma-Lazarus
In The Night (p) by Arthur-Symons
In The Nursery (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
In The Nursery (p) by Jean-Ingelow
In The Odour Of Sanctity (s) by Henry-Van Dyke
In The Old Theatre, Fiesole (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In the Old Valley (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
In The Oratory (p) by Arthur-Symons
In The Orchard (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In The Orchard (p) by Muriel-Stuart
In The Palace Of The King: A Love Story (f/n) by F.-Marion-Crawford
In The Park (p) by John-Collings-Squire
In The Pavilion (s) by Mary-Roberts-Rinehart
In the Pecos Country (f/n) by Edward-Sylvester-Ellis
In The People's Park (p) by Edith-Nesbit
In The Perfumed Shrine Of Love (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
In The Person Of Womankind (p) by Ben-Jonson
In The Place De La Bastille (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
In The Placid Summer Midnight (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
In The Play (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
In The Pond (s) by Isaac-Loeb-Peretz
In The Post-Chaise (s) by Isaac-Loeb-Peretz
In The Presence (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
In The Pride Of His Youth (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
In The Prison Pen (p) by Herman-Melville
In the Quarter (f/n) by Robert-W.-Chambers
In The Quiet Days - An Old-year Song (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
In The Ravine (s) by Anton-Chekhov
In The Record Room, Surrogate's Office (p) by George-Augustus-Baker
In the Reign of Terror: The Adventures of a Westminster Boy (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
In the Rocky Mountains (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
In The Role Of A Tartar (s) by Joel-Chandler-Harris
In The Round Tower At Jhansi, June 8, 2022 (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
In The Royal Academy (p) by Austin-Dobson
In The Same Boat (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
In the Sargasso Sea: A Novel (f/n) by Thomas-A.-Janvier
In The Second April (s) by James-Branch-Cabell
In The Serpent's Mouth (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
In The Servants' Quarters (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In The Seven Woods (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
In The Shaded Room (s) by Laura-E.-Richards
In The Shadow Of The Beeches (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In The Shadow Of The Glen (d/c) by J.-M.-Synge
In The Shadows (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
In The Shallows (p) by Edith-Nesbit
In The Small Hours (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In The South (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
In The South (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In The South (p) by Olive-Custance
In the South Seas (n) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In The Spring (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
In The Springtime (p) by Eugene-Field
In The Stable (p) by Banjo-Paterson
In The States (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
In The Studio (p) by Olive-Tilford-Dargan
In The Sugar Bush (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
In the Sweet Dry and Dry (f/n) by Christopher-Morley
In The Swim (s) by A.-A.-Milne
In The Tents Of Akbar (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
In The Toils (s) by Henry-Wallace-Phillips
In the Track of the Troops (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
In The Track Of The Wandering Jew (s) by Henry-Seton-Merriman
In The Train (p) by Sara-Teasdale
In The Train (e) by Robert-Lynd
In The Train (s) by Arthur-Thomas-Quiller-Couch
In The Trenches (p) by Thomas-O-Hagan
In The Tube (p) by John-Presland
In The Tules (s) by Bret-Harte
In The Tunnel (p) by Bret-Harte
In The Turret (p) by Herman-Melville
In The Twilight (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
In The Twilight (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
In The Twilight (p) by Madge-Morris-Wagner
In The Twilight (s) by Lord-Dunsany
In The Underworld (p) by Heinrich-Heine
In The Uttermost Parts Of The Sea (s) by Hans-Christian-Andersen
In The Valley (p) by Arthur-Symons
In The Valley (p) by Henry-Kendall
In the Valley of Cauteretz (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
In The Valley Of The Elwy (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
In The Valley Of The Shadow (s) by Josephine-Daskam-Bacon
In The Valley Of The Shadow (s) by Morgan-Robertson
In The Valley Of The Shadow (p) by John-Presland
In The Vaulted Way (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In The Waste Hour (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
In The Water (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
In The Way (s) by Margaret-White-Eggleston
In The Way Of Temptation (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
In The Wayland Willows (p) by Bliss-Carman
In The White Mountains (e) by Bradford-Torrey
In The Wilderness (p) by Morris-Rosenfeld
In The Wilderness (p) by Robert-Graves
In the Wilds of Africa (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
In the Wilds of Florida: A Tale of Warfare and Hunting (f/n) by William-H. G.-Kingston
In The Willow Shade (p) by Christina-Georgina-Rossetti
In The Wings (p) by Bliss-Carman
In The Winter (p) by George-MacDonald
In The Womb (p) by George-William-Russell
In The Wood (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
In The Wood (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In The Wood (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
In The Workshop (p) by Bliss-Carman
In The World (s) by J.-S.-Adams
In the Wrong Paradise (f/n) by Andrew-Lang
In The Year 2889 (s) by Jules-Verne
In the Year of Jubilee (f/n) by George-Gissing
In The Year That's Come And Gone, Love, His Flying Feather (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
In Thee My Art (p) by Gilbert-Parker
In Those Old Days (p) by John-Freeman
In Three Days (p) by Robert-Browning
In Time Of "The Breaking Of Nations" (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In Time Of Awe (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
In Time Of Doubt (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
In Time Of Need (p) by John-Oxenham
In Time Of Pestilence (s) by Isaac-Loeb-Peretz
In Time Of Sickness (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
In Time Of Sorrow (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
In Time Of Trouble (p) by William-Rose-Benet
In Time Of War (p) by Alfred-Noyes
In Time Of Wars And Tumults (p) by Thomas-Hardy
In Times Of Peril: A Tale Of India (f/n) by George-Alfred-Henty
In Tonga (p) by Helen-Hay-Whitney
In Topsy-Turvy Land (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
In Town (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
In Town (p) by Austin-Dobson
In Trinity Church-Yard At Sunset (p) by Thomas-S.-Jones
In Trouble (p) by Edith-Nesbit
In Trouble (s) by Anton-Chekhov
In Trouble And Shame (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
In Trust (s) by Edith-Wharton
In Tuscany (p) by Eric-Mackay
In Umbria, A Study Of Artistic Personality (e) by Vernon-Lee
In Uncertainty To A Lady (p) by Aldous-Huxley
In Unconsciousness (s) by Alice-Moore-Dunbar-Nelson
In Upper San Francisco (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
In Utrumque Paratus (p) by Matthew-Arnold
In Vain (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
In Vain (p) by Walter-De la Mare
In Vain (p) by Emily-Dickinson
In Valleys Green And Still (p) by A.-E.-Housman
In Vino Demi-Tasse (e) by Charles-Hanson-Towne
In Vita Minerva (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
In Vita, Canzone XI (p) by Emma-Lazarus
In Vita, CIX (p) by Emma-Lazarus
In Vita, CV (p) by Emma-Lazarus
In Vita, LXVII (p) by Emma-Lazarus
In Vita, LXXVI (p) by Emma-Lazarus
In Warehouse And Office (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
In Wartime - To Canaan - A Puritan War Song (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
In Washington (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
In Waste Places (p) by Gilbert-Parker
In Westminster Abbey (p) by Thomas-Bailey-Aldrich
In Which It Is Demonstrated That Fortune Is Always Feminine (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
In Wicklow and West Kerry (n) by J.-M.-Synge
In Winter (p) by Arthur-Symons
In Winter (p) by Howard-V.-Sutherland
In Winter (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
In Winter, With The Book We Read In Spring (p) by Helen-Gray-Cone
In Woodland Ways (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
In Yeddo Bay (s) by Jack-London
In Youth, Before I Waxed Old [Epigram] (p) by Edmund-Spenser
In Ypres (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
In Zaccarath (s) by Lord-Dunsany
In Zodiacum Marcelli Palingenii (p) by Henry-Vaughan
In-Coming Climate, The (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Inadequate Fee, An (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Inadvertence, An (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Inane And Unimaginative, The (e) by Richard-King
Inasmuch (e) by Heywood-Broun
Inauguration Day, 1913 (p) by Walt-Mason
Inca Of Perusalem: An Almost Historical Comedietta, The (d/c) by George-Bernard-Shaw
Incalculable (s) by Margery-Verner-Reed
Incantation (p) by Elinor-Wylie
Incantation (p) by George-Parsons-Lathrop
Incantation [from The New Tragedy Of "The Brunswickers"] (p) by Thomas-Moore
Incantation [Sung by the Bubble Spirit ], An (p) by Thomas-Moore
Incarnation Of Krishna Mulvaney, The (s) by Rudyard-Kipling
Incense (s) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Incense (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Inch-Worm And The Mountain, The (s) by Howard-J.-Chidley
Inchcape Rock, The (s) by James-Baldwin
Incident, An (p) by James-Avis-Bartley
Incident, An (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Incident at Stiffner's, An (s) by Henry-Lawson
Incident In A Railroad Car, An (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Incident Of The Fire At Hamburg, An (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Incident of the French Camp (p) by Robert-Browning
Incident On Route 12, An (s) by James-H.-Schmitz
Incident, characteristic of a favourite Dog (p) by William-Wordsworth
Incidents And Characteristics (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Incidents In A Fortune-Hunter's Life (s) by Falconbridge
Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl (n) by Harriet-Ann-Jacobs
Including Studies Of Traffic "Cops" (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
Inclusions (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Incognita (p) by Austin-Dobson
Incomparable Lady; A Story Of China With A Moral, The (s) by Lily-Adams-Beck
Incompatibilities (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Incompetence (p) by Jared-Barhite
Incomplete (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Incomplete Amorist, The (f/n) by Edith-Nesbit
Incompleteness (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Inconsiderate Hannah (p) by Harry-Graham
Inconsiderate Waiter, The (s) by James-Matthew-Barrie
Inconsistencies (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Inconsistent, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Inconstancy (p) by Thomas-Moore
Inconstancy In Love (p) by Robert-Burns
Incorrect Speaking (p) by Charles-Lamb
Increase Our Faith (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Increased Possibilities Of Sympathy In The Present Age (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Incubator Chickens (p) by Ruth-McEnery-Stuart
Incurable (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Incurable (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Indecency On The English Stage (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Indeed This Very Love Which Is My Boast (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Independent (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Independent Bee, The (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Independent Kite, The (p) by Mary-Carolyn-Davies
Independent Statesmen, And Liberal Landlord, The (p) by James-Parkerson
Indestructibles, The (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Indeterminate Sentence: What Shall Be Done With The Criminal Class?, The (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
India (p) by John-Oxenham
India Wharf, The (p) by Sara-Teasdale
India--Wild Tribes And Temple Girls (n) by Henry-Theophilus-Finck
India-Rubber Man, The (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Indian At The Burial-Place Of His Fathers, An (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Indian Boat, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Indian Burying Ground, The (p) by Philip-Freneau
Indian Christmas, An (s) by Alexander-Miller-Harvey
Indian Corn Planter, The (p) by E. Pauline-Johnson
Indian fairy tale: Ass in the Lion's Skin (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Boy Who Had a Moon On His Forehead and a Star On His Chin (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Broken Pot (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Charmed Ring (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Cruel Crane Outwitted (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Demon with the Matted Hair (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Farmer and the Money-lender (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Gold-giving Serpent (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Harisaman (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: How Sun, Moon, and Wind Went Out to Dinner (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: How the Raja's Son Won the Princess Labam (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: How the Wicked Sons Were Duped (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Ivory City and Its Fairy Princess (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Lac of Rupees for a Bit of Advice (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Lambikin (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Lesson for Kings (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Lion and The Crane (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Loving Laili (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Magic Fiddle (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Pigeon and the Crow (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Pride Goeth Before a Fall (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Prince and the Fakir (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Punchkin (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Raja Rasalu (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Son of Seven Queens (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Soothsayer's Son (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Talkative Tortoise (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Tiger, Brahman, and the Jackal (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian fairy tale: Why the Fish Laughed (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Indian Fighters (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Indian Flea (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Indian Girl's Lament, The (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Indian Heroes And Sages (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Indian Idealist, An (e) by Evelyn-Baring
Indian Jugglers, The (e) by William-Hazlitt
Indian King, The (e) by Lydia-H.-Sigourney
Indian Lily, The (s) by Hermann-Sudermann
Indian Massacre In Virginia, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Indian Massacre-Song, An (p) by Sir-John-Carr
Indian Messiah, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Indian Mother, A Tale Of The Rocky Mountains, The (s) by William-H. G.-Kingston
Indian Mutiny (p) by James-McIntyre
Indian On The Trail, The (s) by Mary-Hartwell-Catherwood
Indian Orator, The (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Indian Paint Brush (p) by Elizabeth-Madox-Roberts
Indian Pictures (s) by Edward-Eggleston
Indian Plume, The (s) by Charles-M.-Skinner
Indian Princess: La Belle Sauvage, The (d/c) by James-Nelson-Barker
Indian Romance (p) by James-McIntyre
Indian Scout Talks: A Guide for Boy Scouts and Camp Fire Girls (n) by Charles-Alexander-Eastman
Indian Serenade, The (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Indian Sibyl's Prophecy, The (s) by Charles-Franklin-Carter
Indian speeches (1907-1909) (n) by John-Morley
Indian Story, An (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Indian Summer (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Indian Summer (p) by Hattie-Howard
Indian Summer (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Indian Summer (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Indian Summer (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Indian Summer (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Indian Summer (f/n) by William-Dean-Howells
Indian Summer Day On The Prairie, An (p) by Vachel-Lindsay
Indian Summer Of A Forsyte (s) by John-Galsworthy
Indian Summer of Dry Valley Johnson, The (s) by O-Henry
Indian Tales (s) by Etta-Belle-Walker
Indian Teacher Among Indians, An (s) by Zitkala-Sa
Indian Vengeance (s) by Vivia-Hemphill
Indian Wars And St. Clair's Defeat, The (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Indian Wars And Wayne's Victory, The (s) by William-Dean-Howells
Indian-Summer Reverie, An (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Indiana Campaign, An (s) by Stephen-Crane
Indiana [sonnet] (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Indians, The (e) by Rupert-Brooke
Indians, The (s) by Etta-Belle-Walker
Indicted (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Indictment Against Christianity, The (e) by William-Ralph-Inge
Indifference (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Indifference (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Indifference (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Indifference of Juliet, The (f/n) by Grace-Smith-Richmond
Indifference To Religion (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Indifferent Ones, The (p) by Frank-Oliver-Call
Indignation! (p) by Victor-Hugo
Indirection (s) by Everett-B.-Cole
Indiscreet Confessions, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Indiscreet Letter, The (s) by Eleanor-Hallowell-Abbott
Indiscretion (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Indiscretion Of An Historian Thomas Carte, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Indiscretion of Elsbeth, The (s) by Bret-Harte
Indiscretions of Archie (f/n) by P-G-Wodehouse
Individual And The Race, The (e) by Havelock-Ellis
Individual Differences (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Individualism And Fellowship (e) by Bliss-Perry
Individuality (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Individuals vs. Classes (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Indolence (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Indolent Husband, The (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Indulgence (p) by Jared-Barhite
Indulgence Of Negu Mah, The (s) by Robert-Arthur
Industrial Discontent (e) by Ambrose-Bierce
Industrial Discontent (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Industrial Revolution (s) by Poul-William-Anderson
Inebriate's Daughter's Appeal To Her Father, The (p) by Thomas-Cowherd
Ineffable Things (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Ineffective Rooter, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Inequalities Of Genius (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Ines De Las Sierras, To Petra Camara (p) by Theophile-Gautier
Inevitable (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Inevitable (p) by Abram-Joseph-Ryan
Inevitable, The (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Inevitable, The (p) by Edward-Doyle
Inevitable Change (p) by John-Freeman
Inevitable White Man, The (s) by Jack-London
Inexhaustibility Of The Subject Of Christmas (s) by Leigh-Hunt
Inez: A Tale of the Alamo (f/n) by Augusta-Jane-Evans
Infant Joy (p) by William-Blake
Infant Phenomenon, The (s) by Kate-Dickinson-Sweetser
Infant Sorrow (p) by William-Blake
Infanticide, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Infantile Influence (p) by Victor-Hugo
Infelicitous Epithet, An (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Inferential (p) by Edwin-Arlington-Robinson
Inferiae (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Inferior To Man, And Near To Angels (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Infernal Machines, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Inferno, The (e) by Stewart-Edward-White
Infidel, The (e) by David-Grayson
Infidel, The (p) by Laurence-Alma-Tadema
Infidelity (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Infinite, The (p) by Giacomo-Leopardi
Infinite Intruder (s) by Alan-Edward-Nourse
Infinite Purpose, The (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Infinite Shining Heavens, The (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Infinite's Quest, The (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Infirm Beggar Sings, The (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
Infirmities Of Nature (s) by Falconbridge
Inflated Ambition, An (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Influence (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Influence (p) by Emma-Lazarus
Influence Of A Bad Temper In Criticism (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Influence Of A Name (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Influence Of Faro Nell, The (s) by Alfred-Henry-Lewis
Influence Of Names, The (e) by Israel-Zangwill
Influence Of Natural Objects (p) by William-Wordsworth
Influence Of Praise, The (e) by Timothy-Titcomb
Influence Of Rationalism, The (e) by George-Eliot
Influence Of The Reformation On The Scottish Character, The (e) by James-Anthony-Froude
Influence Of Time On Grief (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Influences Of Education (e) by Thomas-Davis
Informal Evening, An (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Information Wanted (s) by Mark-Twain
Informer, The (s) by Joseph-Conrad
Informing Spirit, The (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Infra-Medians, The (s) by Sewell-Peaslee-Wright
Ingeborg's Disguise (p) by George-Borrow
Ingeborg's Lamentation (p) by George-Borrow
Ingefred And Gudrune (p) by George-Borrow
Ingenious Blackmailer, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Ingenious Patriot, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Ingenue Of The Sierras, An (s) by Bret-Harte
Ingersoll (p) by James-McIntyre
Ingo (e) by Christopher-Morley
Ingrate, The (s) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Ingratitude (p) by Charles-Sangster
Ingratitude (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
Ingratitude And Injustice Of Men Towards Fortune, The (p) by Jean de-La Fontaine
Ingredients Of Greatness (p) by John-Kendrick-Bangs
Ingres (e) by George-Augustus-Moore
Ingres And Corot (e) by George-Augustus-Moore
Ingwa-Banashi (s) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Inhabitant of Carcosa, An (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Inheritance, The (s) by Sophie-A.-Miller
Inheritance (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Inheritance, The (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Inheritance, The (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Inheritance Of Humour, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Inheritors (d/c) by Susan-Glaspell
Inheritors: An Extravagant Story, The (f/n) by Joseph-Conrad
Inhuman Wolf And The Lamb Sans Gene, The (p) by Guy-Wetmore-Carryl
Inhumanities Of Parents--Corporal Punishment, The (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Inhumanities Of Parents--Needless Denials, The (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Inhumanities of Parents--Rudeness, The (e) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Inimitable Lovers, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Initial Love, The (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Initials Only (f/n) by Anna-Katharine-Green
Initiation (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Initiation (e) by Christopher-Morley
Initiation Of Dromio, The (s) by Charles-Kellogg-Field
Initiative (e) by Elbert-Hubbard
Injured To The Injurer, The (p) by James-Parkerson
Ink, The (s) by Barry-Pain
Ink-Stain (Tache D'encre: A Spot of Ink), The (f/n) by Rene-Bazin
Inland (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Inland Voyage, An (e) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Inland Voyage, An (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Inlander, The (p) by Theodosia-Garrison
Inmate Of The Dungeon, The (s) by W.-C.-Morrow
Inn, The (p) by John-Presland
Inn, The (s) by Ivan-Turgenev
Inn, The (s) by Guy-De-Maupassant
Inn In The Spessart, The (s) by William-Hauff
Inn Of Dreams, The (p) by Olive-Custance
Inn Of Earth, The (p) by Sara-Teasdale
Inn Of Life, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Inn Of The Golden Pear, The (s) by Helen-Hunt-Jackson
Inn Of The Margeride, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Inn of the Two Witches - A Find, The (s) by Joseph-Conrad
Inn Of Tranquillity, The (e) by John-Galsworthy
Inner Chamber, The (p) by Adelaide-Anne-Procter
Inner Dream, The (p) by George-MacDonald
Inner Life, The (e) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Inner Passion, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Inner Room, The (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Innocence (s) by Honore-de-Balzac
Innocence And Experience (e) by Alice-Meynell
Innocence Defamed (p) by George-Borrow
Innocent Play (p) by Isaac-Watts
Innocents Abroad, The (f/n) by Mark-Twain
Innocents Of Broadway (s) by O-Henry
Innocents: A Story for Lovers, The (f/n) by Sinclair-Lewis
Innovator, The (p) by Stephen-Vincent-Benet
Inocencio (s) by Rex-Beach
Inquirers, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Inquiries and Opinions (n) by Brander-Matthews
Inquiry, An (p) by Oliver-Herford
Inquiry, An (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Inquiry, The (p) by Sarah-S.-Mower
Inquiry Into Marriage, An (e) by Myrtle-Reed
Inquisition, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Inquisitive Woman, The (s) by Abbie-Farwell-Brown
Insanity Of Jones, The (s) by Algernon-Blackwood
Insatiate (p) by Leigh-Gordon-Giltner
Inscribed On A Work Of Hannah More's, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Inscribed To The Marchioness Of Lansdowne (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Inscribed To The Pathetic Memory Of The Poet Henry Timrod (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Inscription (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Inscription, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Inscription (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Inscription, An (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Inscription (p) by Robert-Burns
Inscription, An (p) by Samuel-Rogers
Inscription (For a Proposed Monument in Washington), An (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Inscription (For A Statue Of Napoleon, At West Point), An (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Inscription 1: For A Tablet At Godstow Nunnery (p) by Robert-Southey
Inscription 2: For A Column At Newbury (p) by Robert-Southey
Inscription 3: For A Cavern That Overlooks The River Avon (p) by Robert-Southey
Inscription 4: For Chepstow-Castle Where Henry Marten Was Imprisoned (p) by Robert-Southey
Inscription 5: For A Monument At Silbury-Hill (p) by Robert-Southey
Inscription 6: For A Monument In The New Forest (p) by Robert-Southey
Inscription 7: For A Tablet On The Banks Of A Stream (p) by Robert-Southey
Inscription 8: For The Cenotaph At Ermenonville (p) by Robert-Southey
Inscription For A Column At Runnymede (p) by Mark-Akenside
Inscription For A Crucifix (p) by Victor-Hugo
Inscription for a Fountain on a Heath (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Inscription For A Grotto (p) by Mark-Akenside
Inscription For A Monument To The Memory Of Cowper (p) by Henry-Kirk-White
Inscription For A Rural Cemetery (p) by Samuel-G.-Goodrich
Inscription For A Seat By The Road Side Half-Way Up A Steep Hill Facing South (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Inscription For A Statue Of Chaucer At Woodstock (p) by Mark-Akenside
Inscription for a Time-piece (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Inscription For A Tomb In England (p) by Henry-Van Dyke
Inscription For An Altar Of Independence (p) by Robert-Burns
Inscription For Graves at Pea Ridge, Arkansas (p) by Herman-Melville
Inscription For Marye's Heights, Fredericksburg (p) by Herman-Melville
Inscription For My Little Son's Silver Plate (p) by Eugene-Field
Inscription For The Entrance To A Wood (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Inscription For The Headstone Of Fergusson The Poet (p) by Robert-Burns
Inscription for the House (an Out-house) on the Island at Grasmere (p) by William-Wordsworth
Inscription for the Spot where the Hermitage stood on St. Herbert's Island (p) by William-Wordsworth
Inscription For The Wood Nymph (p) by Mark-Akenside
Inscription on the Monument of a Newfoundland Dog (p) by Lord-Byron
Inscription To Miss Graham Of Fintry (p) by Robert-Burns
Inscription To Miss Jessy Lewars (p) by Robert-Burns
Inscription: O Youths And Virgins: O Declining Eld (p) by Mark-Akenside
Inscription: Whoe'er Thou Art Whose Path In Summer Lies (p) by Mark-Akenside
Inscription: Ye Powers Unseen, To Whom, The Bards Of Greece (p) by Mark-Akenside
Inscriptions (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Inscriptions (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Inscriptions (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Inscriptions In The Gardens Of Bremhill Rectory (p) by William-Lisle-Bowles
Inscriptions On A Sun-Dial (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Insect, The (p) by Ivan-Turgenev
Insectivorous Plants (n) by Charles-Darwin
Insects (p) by John-Clare
Insensibility (p) by Wilfred-Owen
Inside Again (s) by Joseph-Jacobs
Inside of the Cup, The (f/n) by Winston-Churchill
Inside The Bar (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Inside The Coach (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Inside The Garden Gate (s) by Maud-Lindsay
Insidekick (s) by Jesse-F.-Bone
Insight (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Insight [On the river of life, as I float along] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Insight [Sirs, when you pity us, I say] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Insolent Man, An (e) by John-Earle
Insomnia (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Insomnia (p) by Robert-W.-Service
Insomnia In Domestic Animals (e) by -Edgar W. Nye- Bill-Nye
Inspector-General: A comedy in 5 acts, The (d/c) by Nikolai-Vasilievi-Gogol
Inspiration (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Inspiration (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Inspiration (p) by Aldous-Huxley
Inspiration Of Gambetta, The (s) by Orison-Swett-Marden
Inspiration [However the battle is ended], An (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Inspiration [Not like a daring, bold, aggressive boy] (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Inspired Lobbyist, An (s) by John-William-De Forest
Instans Tyrannus (p) by Robert-Browning
Instant Of Decision (s) by Randall-Garrett
Instant Of Now, The (s) by Irving-E.-Cox
Instinct Gone Wrong (s) by Henry-Lawson
Instinctive Fear (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Institutionalism And Mysticism (e) by William-Ralph-Inge
Institutions Of Dublin (e) by Thomas-Davis
Instructiphone, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Instrument, The (s) by August-Strindberg
Instruments (p) by Charles-Hamilton-Musgrove
Insufficiency (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Insult Not The Fallen (p) by Victor-Hugo
Insuperable Difficulty, The (e) by Lafcadio-Hearn
Insurance Act, An (s) by A.-A.-Milne
Insurance Up To Date (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Insurrection Of The Papers, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Intangible Clue, An (s) by Anna-Katharine-Green
Intellect (p) by Ralph-Waldo-Emerson
Intellectual Cinderellas (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Intellectual Education (e) by Herbert-Spencer
Intellectual Limitations (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Intellectual Side Of Horse-racing, The (e) by Robert-Lynd
Intellectual Snobbery (e) by A.-A.-Milne
Intelligence (s) by Arthur-Shearly-Cripps
Intelligence Of Woman, The (e) by W.-L.-George
Intelligence Office, The (s) by Nathaniel-Hawthorne
Intelligent Hen, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Intended Tribute (p) by Thomas-Moore
Intense Young Soul, That Takest Hearts By Storm (p) by Charles-Sangster
Inter Vias (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Inter-Urban Handicap, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Intercepted (p) by Alice-Duer-Miller
Intercepted Valentine, An (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Interest (p) by Jared-Barhite
Interesting Ghost, An (s) by Charles-B.-Cory
Interesting Girls (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Interference (e) by E.-Lynn-Linton
Interference of Patsy Ann, The (s) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Interim (p) by Lola-Ridge
Interim (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Interior (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Interior Life (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Interloper, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Interlopers, The (s) by Saki
Interlopers at the Knap (s) by Thomas-Hardy
Interlude (p) by Thomas-S.-Jones
Interlude (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
Interlude, An (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Interlude (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Interlude, An (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Interlude (p) by Eunice-Tietjens
Interlude Of "God's Promises", The (d/c) by John-Bale
Interlude [the Days, The Nights, Flow...] (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Interlude [The warm sun dreams in the dust..,.] (p) by Conrad-Aiken
Intermediary (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Intermediates, The (e) by Frederic-Bastiat
Intermezzo (s) by James-Huneker
Internal Harmony (p) by George-Meredith
International Affair, An (s) by P-G-Wodehouse
International Aspects Of Free Trade, The (e) by Evelyn-Baring
International Copyright (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
International Episode, An (f/n) by Henry-James
International Ode - Our Fathers' Land (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
International Row, An (s) by Robert-Barr
International Socialist Congress, An (e) by Morley-Roberts
Interpolation Sounds (p) by Walt-Whitman
Interpretation (e) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Interpretation, An (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Interpreted, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Interpreter; A Romance Of The East, The (s) by Lily-Adams-Beck
Interpreters Of Genesis And The Interpreters Of Nature, The (e) by Thomas-Henry-Huxley
Interrupted Conversation, An (e) by Carl-Van Vechten
Interval (p) by Edward-Thomas
Intervention, An (s) by William-Wymark-Jacobs
Interview, An (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Interview With A Great Turk, An (s) by Benjamin-Disraeli
Interview With Miles Standish, An (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Intimation (p) by David-Morton
Intimation (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Intimations (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Intimations Of The Beautiful (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Intime (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Into My Heart An Air That Kills (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Into Space (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Into The Golden Vessel Of Great Song (p) by Edna-St Vincent-Millay
Into The Silent Land (p) by Charles-Sangster
Into The Twilight (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Into Thy Land (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Intoxicating Liquors Bill, The (e) by Charles-Lever
Intoxication (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Intra Sepulchrum (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Intrepid Explorer And His Lieutenant, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Intrigue (p) by Stephen-Crane
Intro, The (p) by Clarence-James-Dennis
Introducer, The (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Introducers Of Exotic Flowers, Fruits, Etc (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Introduction, The (p) by Theodosia-Garrison
Introduction (Songs Of Experience) (p) by William-Blake
Introduction (Songs Of Innocence) (p) by William-Blake
Introduction And Conclusion Of A Long Poem (p) by Alan-Seeger
Introduction Of Tea, Coffee, And Chocolate (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Introduction to "The New Guide of the Conversation in Portuguese and English" (s) by Mark-Twain
Introduction To The Political State Of Great Britain, An (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Introduction To The Proceedings Of The Committee (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Introduction To The Tale Of The Dark Ladie (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Introduction To The World Displayed (e) by Samuel-Johnson
Introduction To W. M. Thackeray's "The Four Georges" (e) by George-Meredith
Introductory: On Gargoyles (e) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Introspection (e) by Eliot-Gregory
Intrusion (p) by Isabel-Ecclestone-Mackay
Intry-Mintry (p) by Eugene-Field
Invader, The (s) by Alfred-Coppel
Invaders from the Infinite (f/n) by John-Wood-Campbell
Invalid's Dream, The (p) by Sarah-S.-Mower
Invasion, The (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Invasion (s) by Murray-Leinster
Invasion Of Africa, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Invasion Of England, The (s) by Richard-Harding-Davis
Invasion Of The Tartar Steppes, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Invective Of Achilles--Iliad, I. 149, The (p) by George-Meredith
Invective Of Achilles--Iliad, I. 225, The (p) by George-Meredith
Inventor, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Inventory, The (p) by Robert-Burns
Inventory, To Her Friend, The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Inversnaid (p) by Gerard-Manley-Hopkins
Investiture, The (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
Invincible Armada, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Invincible Armada, The (p) by Frederich-Schiller
Inviolate (p) by David-Morton
Invisible (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Invisible Allies (e) by Henry-Frederick-Cope
Invisible Eye, The (s) by Erckmann-Chatrian
Invisible Helpers, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Invisible Lady, The (e) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Invisible Man, The (f/n) by H.-G.-Wells
Invisible Man, The (s) by G.-K.-Chesterton
Invisible One, The (s) by Charles-G.-Leland
Invisible Prince, The (s) by Dinah-M. Mulock-Craik
Invisible Prince, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Invisible Ray, The (s) by Arthur-B.-Reeve
Invita Minerva (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Invitation (p) by Edward-Powys-Mathers
Invitation (p) by James-Elroy-Flecker
Invitation, The (p) by George-Borrow
Invitation, An (p) by Robert-F.-Murray
Invitation (p) by Yukon-Bill
Invitation, The (p) by Robert-Bloomfield
Invitation (p) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Invitation, An (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Invitation, The (p) by -Poet- Robert-Herrick
Invitation, The (e) by John-Burroughs
Invitation, An (p) by Fanny-Kemble
Invitation, An (s) by Robert-Barr
Invitation A Faire Noel (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Invitation Given On Impulse, An (s) by Lucy-Maud-Montgomery
Invitation To A Journey (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Invitation To Dinner (p) by Thomas-Moore
Invitation To Eternity (p) by John-Clare
Invitation To Love (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Invitation To Maecenas, An (p) by Eugene-Field
Invitation To The Country (p) by George-Meredith
Invitation To The Country, An (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Invitation To The Revel, An (p) by Harrison-S.-Morris
Invitation To The Voyage, The (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Invitation, By Dr. Delany, In The Name Of Dr. Swift, An (p) by Jonathan-Swift
Invitation, To J.B.C. (p) by Matilda-Betham
Invitation. To John Francis Heath, An (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Invitation: To Tom Hughes, The (p) by Charles-Kingsley
Invited To Take The Escort's Arm (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
Inviting A Friend To Supper (p) by Ben-Jonson
Invocation (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Invocation, An (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Invocation (p) by Siegfried-Sassoon
Invocation, An (p) by Fanny-Kemble
Invocation (p) by Victor-Hugo
Invocation, An (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Invocation, An (p) by Ambrose-Bierce
Invocation (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Invocation (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Invocation (p) by Cale-Young-Rice
Invocation (p) by Herman-Melville
Invocation (p) by Max-Eastman
Invocation (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Invocation For 1868 (p) by Mary-Baker-Eddy
Invocation From Remorse, An (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Invocation To Misery (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Invocation To Sleep (p) by Thomas-Gent
Invocation To Summer (p) by W.-M.-MacKeracher
Invocation To The Muse (p) by Jared-Barhite
Invocation [COME to-night in a dream to-night,] (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Invocation [The Spirit of Darkness...] (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Involuntary Insurgent, An (s) by James-Huneker
Iolanthe; Or, The Peer And The Peri (d/c) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Iolaus: The's Man That Was A Ghost (p) by James-Allan-Mackereth
Iole (f/n) by Robert-W.-Chambers
Iole (p) by William-Johnson-Cory
Ion (n) by Plato
Ion (s) by Alfred-John-Church
Iona (e) by William-Sharp
Ione (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Ione (p) by Marietta-Holley
Ione (p) by Walter-R.-Cassels
Ionica (e) by Edmund-Gosse
Ionicus (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Ionitch (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Iphigenia (s) by James-Baldwin
Iphigenia Among The Taurians (s) by Alfred-John-Church
Iphigenia In Aulis (s) by Alfred-John-Church
Ippolit Konovaloff (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Ipswich, The (p) by Eugene-Field
Ireland (p) by William-Watson
Ireland (p) by George-Meredith
Ireland (p) by Sidney-Lanier
Ireland And England (e) by Sydney-Smith
Ireland And The Arts (e) by William-Butler-Yeats
Ireland Forever (s) by George-A.-Birmingham
Ireland In The Light Of History (e) by Edward-Hartpole-Lecky
Ireland's Alternatives (e) by Henry-Thring
Ireland's People, Lords, Gentry, Commonalty (e) by Thomas-Davis
Ireland's Vow (p) by Denis-Florence-MacCarthy
Ireland, Ireland (p) by Henry-Newbolt
Irene (p) by Fannie-Isabel-Sherrick
Irene (p) by James-Russell-Lowell
Irene: A Tragedy (d/c) by Samuel-Johnson
Iris, Her Book (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Irish Airman Foresees His Death, An (p) by William-Butler-Yeats
Irish Antiquities (p) by Thomas-Moore
Irish Antiquities (e) by Thomas-Davis
Irish Blackbird, An (p) by Dora-Sigerson-Shorter
Irish Brigade, The (e) by Thomas-Davis
Irish Bull, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Irish Cabin, The (p) by Patrick-Bronte
Irish Colonel, The (p) by Arthur-Conan-Doyle
Irish Emigrant's Mother, The (p) by Denis-Florence-MacCarthy
Irish Face, An (p) by George-William-Russell
Irish fairy tale: Billy Duffy and the Devil (s) by P.-H.-Emerson
Irish fairy tale: Queen of the Many-coloured Bedchamber (s) by Edmund-Dulac
Irish fairy tale: Story of the Pig-trough (s) by P.-H.-Emerson
Irish Government Bill And The Irish Land Bill, The (e) by Henry-Thring
Irish Guards, The (p) by Rudyard-Kipling
Irish Music And Poetry (e) by Thomas-Davis
Irish Parliament Of James II, The (e) by Thomas-Davis
Irish Peasant To His Mistress, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Irish Poets (p) by James-McIntyre
Irish Scenery (e) by Thomas-Davis
Irish Schoolmaster, The (p) by Thomas-Hood
Irish Slave, The (p) by Thomas-Moore
Irish Song [Poor Molly O'flannagan], An (p) by Sir-John-Carr
Irish Toast, An (p) by Edwin-C.-Ranck
Irishman, The (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Iron Box, The (s) by Eugenia-Dunlap-Potts
Iron Crown, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Iron Crown, The (e) by Henry-W.-Nevinson
Iron Edge Of Winter, The (e) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Iron Fan, An (s) by James-Huneker
Iron Flail, The (p) by John-Oxenham
Iron Gate, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Iron Hand, The (p) by John-Kendall
Iron Hans (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Iron Heel, The (f/n) by Jack-London
Iron Horse, The (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Iron Horse, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Iron Horse And The Trolley, The (s) by Cy-Warman
Iron John (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Iron Rule; or, Tyranny in the Household, The (f/n) by T.-S.-Arthur
Iron Spider, The (p) by Carolyn-Wells
Iron Stove, The (s) by Andrew-Lang
Iron Stove, The (s) by Jacob-& Wilhelm-Grimm
Iron Trail, The (f/n) by Rex-Beach
Iron Virgin, The (s) by James-Huneker
Iron Will, The (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Iron Wine (p) by Lola-Ridge
Iron-Bark Chip, The (s) by Henry-Lawson
Ironist, The (p) by Rachel-Annand-Taylor
Ironmonger, The (e) by Hilaire-Belloc
Irony (p) by D.-H.-Lawrence
Irony (p) by Christopher-Morley
Irony (p) by Amy-Lowell
Iroquois Side Of The Story, The (p) by Margaret-Moran D.-McDougall
Irrational Knot, The (f/n) by George-Bernard-Shaw
Irrelevant People (e) by Richard-Le Gallienne
Irreparable, The (p) by Charles-Baudelaire
Irresistible Ogle, The (s) by James-Branch-Cabell
Irresistible Weapon (s) by Horace-Brown-Fyfe
Irrevocable (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Iry And Billy And Jo, The (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
Is American Slavery An Institution Which Christianity Sanctions,Will Perpetuate? (e) by Timothy-Williston
Is Bliss, Then, Such Abyss (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Is England Played Out? (e) by Grant-Allen
Is He A Sorehead? (p) by W.-E.-Christian
Is He living or is He dead? (s) by Mark-Twain
Is He The Crafty Ulysses? (s) by Dean-S.-Fansler
Is He The Dearest One? (s) by Henryk-Sienkiewicz
Is Heaven a physician? (p) by Emily-Dickinson
Is It a Funeral? (s) by Anonymous
Is It Done? (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Is It For Me? (p) by Frances-Ridley-Havergal
Is It Going To Rain? (e) by John-Burroughs
Is It Indeed So? If I Lay Here Dead (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Is It Not Sweet To Think, Hereafter (p) by Thomas-Moore
Is It True (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Is Life A Boon? (p) by W.-S.-Gilbert
Is Life Worth Living? (e) by William-James
Is Life Worth Living? (p) by John-Oxenham
Is My Team Ploughing (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Is Not Love Here, As 'tis In Other Climes (p) by Michael-Drayton
Is Prohibition Coming To England? (e) by Stephen-Leacock
Is Radical Empiricism Solipsistic? (e) by William-James
Is Shakespeare Dead? (e) by Mark-Twain
Is She A Lady? (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
Is The American Husband Made Entirely Of Stained Glass (e) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Is The Bible Worth Reading (e) by Lemuel-K.-Washburn
Is The Human Race On The Down Grade? (e) by Thomas-De Quincey
Is There A Brighter World? (p) by Joseph-Horatio-Chant
Is There A Santa Claus? (s) by Jacob-A.-Riis
Is There Any Conversation (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Is War Diminishing? (e) by Havelock-Ellis
Is Woman A Worker (e) by Harriet-Beecher-Stowe
Isabel (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Isabel (p) by Charles-Stuart-Calverley
Isabel (p) by Margaret-Moran D.-McDougall
Isabel (p) by Nathaniel-Parker-Willis
Isabel (p) by Bliss-Carman
Isabel Leicester: A Romance (f/n) by Maude-Alma
Isabella's Defeat (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Isabella's Parachute (p) by Elizabeth-Turner
Isabella; Or, The Pot Of Basil (p) by John-Keats
Isabelle And I (p) by Marietta-Holley
Isadora Duncan (p) by Max-Eastman
Isaiah Beethoven (p) by Edgar-Lee-Masters
Isandlwana (p) by John-McCrae
Isaura (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Ishmael (p) by Gilbert-Parker
Ishmael (s) by August-Strindberg
Isie (p) by David-Rorie
Island, The (s) by Maurice-Baring
Island, The (p) by Edmund-Vance-Cooke
Island, The (p) by Edith-Nesbit
Island, The (p) by Hilda-Conkling
Island, An (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Island, The (p) by Thomas-S.-Jones
Island And The Main Land, The (s) by Elizabeth-Rundle-Charles
Island Hawk, The (p) by Alfred-Noyes
Island Hunting-Song, The (p) by Oliver-Wendell-Holmes
Island Love On The Pacific (n) by Henry-Theophilus-Finck
Island Memory, An (s) by Louis-Becke
Island Mystery, The (f/n) by George-A.-Birmingham
Island Of Bimini, The (e) by Charles-Dudley-Warner
Island Of Demons, The (s) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Island of Doctor Moreau, The (f/n) by H.-G.-Wells
Island Of Endless Play, The (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
Island Of Mainau ( Bodensee), The (s) by Wilhelm-Ruland
Island Of The Dead, The (s) by Zane-Grey
Island of the Fay, The (s) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Island Of The Nine Whirlpools, The (s) by Edith-Nesbit
Island Of The Scots, The (p) by W.-E.-Aytoun
Island Pharisees, The (f/n) by John-Galsworthy
Island Queen, The (f/n) by R.-M.-Ballantyne
Islands, The (p) by H.-D.
Islands (e) by Henry-Major-Tomlinson
Islands Of Flowers, The (s) by Elsie-Spicer-Eells
Islands of Space (f/n) by John-Wood-Campbell
Isle, The (p) by Percy-Bysshe-Shelley
Isle Of Lone, The (p) by Walter-De la Mare
Isle Of Pines, The (s) by Ambrose-Bierce
Isle Of Portland, The (p) by A.-E.-Housman
Isle Of Ruim, The (e) by Grant-Allen
Isle Of Satan's Hand, The (s) by Thomas-Wentworth-Higginson
Isle Of Skulls, The (s) by Gertrude-Atherton
Isle Of Truth, The (p) by Charles-Mackay
Isle Of Voices, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Isle Of Voices, The (s) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
Isle Of Wight (p) by Mary-Baker-Eddy
Isles Of Beauty Beyond The Seas, The (s) by Charles-Morris
Isles Of Sunset, The (s) by Arthur-C.-Benson
Isles--An Ode, The (p) by Charles-G. D.-Roberts
Islet, The (p) by Alfred-Lord-Tennyson
Islet And The Palm, The (p) by Archibald-Lampman
Islet The Dachs (p) by George-Meredith
Islington (p) by Paul-Bewsher
Ismael, The (p) by Madison-Julius-Cawein
Isn't That Just Like a Man! (e) by Mary-Roberts-Rinehart
Isobel's Child (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Isobel: A Romance of the Northern Trail (f/n) by James-Oliver-Curwood
Isolation (p) by Helen-Gray-Cone
Isolation : To Marguerite (p) by Matthew-Arnold
Isolde's Mother (s) by James-Huneker
Israel Among The Nations (e) by Edward-Hartpole-Lecky
Israel Potter: His Fifty Years of Exile (f/n) by Herman-Melville
Israel Zangwill (p) by Oliver-Herford
Israel's Lament (p) by Samuel-Taylor-Coleridge
Israfel (p) by Edgar-Allan-Poe
Issahar Artifacts, The (s) by Jesse-F.-Bone
It (s) by Gouverneur-Morris
It All Will Come Out Right (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
It blows a snowing gale (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
It Came With The Threat Of A Waning Moon (p) by William-Ernest-Henley
It Can't Be So (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
It Can't Be Summer, -- That Got Through (p) by Emily-Dickinson
It Could Be Anything (s) by Keith-Laumer
It Could Happen Again To-Morrow (s) by Irvin-S.-Cobb
It Couldn't Be Done (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
It Does Not Matter (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
It Happens In The B. R. Families With Customary Obeisances (p) by Franklin-P.-Adams
It Is A Pleasant Day (p) by Eliza-Lee Cabot-Follen
It Is But A Faded Rosebud (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
It Is But An Autumn Leaflet (p) by Hannah-S.-Battersby
It Is Fall (p) by Cal-Stewart
It Is Hard To Love (p) by Thomas-W.-Talley
It Is Later Than You Think (p) by Robert-W.-Service
It Is Natural For Children To Be Cruel (e) by Arthur-Brisbane
It Is Never Too Late to Mend (f/n) by Charles-Reade
It is not Always May (p) by Henry-Wadsworth-Longfellow
It Is Not The Tear At This Moment Shed (p) by Thomas-Moore
It Is Not Yours, O Mother, To Complain (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
It Is The Printer's Fault (p) by Eugene-Field
It Is The Same Twilight, Dear (p) by Dhan-Gopal-Mukerji
It Is The Season Now To Go (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
It Is Time To Begin To Conclude (p) by A.-H.-Laidlaw
It Is Well (s) by Isaac-Lob-Perez
It Is You (p) by Paul-Verlaine
It Isn't Costly (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
It Isn't So Wi' Me (p) by Bill o-th- Hoylus End
It May Be (p) by Ella-Wheeler-Wilcox
It May Be For The World Of Weeds And Tares (p) by Alan-Seeger
It Nods And Curtseys And Recovers (p) by A.-E.-Housman
It Rains (p) by Edward-Thomas
It Shall Be, Then, Upon A Summer's Day (p) by Paul-Verlaine
It Stands To Reason (e) by Robert-Cortes-Holliday
It Was A' For Our Rightfu' King (p) by Robert-Burns
It Was All Those Horrid Bellows! (s) by H.-Mary-Wilson
It Was Not Death, For I Stood Up (p) by Emily-Dickinson
It Was The Lovely Moon (p) by John-Freeman
It Was The Same Christmas Morning (s) by Cyrus-Townsend-Brady
It Was Too Late For Man (p) by Emily-Dickinson
It Was Upon (p) by Edward-Thomas
It Weeps In My Heart (p) by Paul-Verlaine
It's A Queer Time (p) by Robert-Graves
It's An Owercome Sooth For Age An' Youth (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
It's forth across the roaring foam (p) by Robert-Louis-Stevenson
It's Got To Be (p) by James-Whitcomb-Riley
It's Grand (p) by Banjo-Paterson
It's None Of My Business (s) by T.-S.-Arthur
It's Not Going To Happen Again (p) by Rupert-Brooke
It's Oh, To Be Out Of England--Now That Spring Is Here! (e) by Richard-King
It's Only A Way He's Got (p) by Banjo-Paterson
It's September (p) by Edgar-A.-Guest
Italia (p) by Oscar-Wilde
Italian And German Vocal Styles (e) by Henry-Theophilus-Finck
Italian fairy tale: Serpent Prince (s) by Edmund-Dulac
Italian Historians, The (e) by Isaac-Disraeli
Italian Hours (n) by Henry-James
Italian in England, The (p) by Robert-Browning
Italian Journeys (n) by William-Dean-Howells
Italian Law And Justice (e) by Charles-Lever
Italian Music In Dakota (p) by Walt-Whitman
Italian Myrtles (p) by Denis-Florence-MacCarthy
Italian Song, An (p) by Samuel-Rogers
Italian Traits And Characteristics (e) by Charles-Lever
Italian with Grammar (s) by Mark-Twain
Italian without a Master (s) by Mark-Twain
Italy (p) by Aldous-Huxley
Italy (p) by William-Cullen-Bryant
Italy (p) by John-Greenleaf-Whittier
Italy And The World (p) by Elizabeth-Barrett-Browning
Itching Heels (p) by Paul-Laurence-Dunbar
Itching Palm, A Study of the Habit of Tipping in America, The (n) by William-R.-Scott
Item Of Fashionable Intelligence, An (s) by Jerome-K-Jerome
Itineraries (e) by Augustine-Birrell
Itylus (p) by Algernon-Charles-Swinburne
Ivan Matveyitch (s) by Anton-Chekhov
Ivan Popyalof (s) by William-Ralston-Shedden-Ralston
Ivan The Fool (s) by Leo-Tolstoy
Ivan The Terrible (s) by Charles-Morris
Ivan, The First Of The Czars (s) by Charles-Morris
Ivanhoe (f/n) by Sir Walter-Scott
Ivanoff (d/c) by Anton-Chekhov
Ivo Of Chartres (p) by Helen-Gray-Cone
Ivo, the Gentleman (f/n) by Berthold-Auerbach
Ivory Child, The (f/n) by H.-Rider-Haggard
Ivory Snuff Box, The (f/n) by Frederic-Arnold-Kummer
Ivy Day in the Committee Room (s) by James-Joyce
Ivy In The Dungeon, The (p) by T.-S.-Arthur
Ivy On The Wall, The (p) by Henry-Kendall
Ivy Spray and Ladies' Slippers, An (s) by Louisa-May-Alcott
Ivy-Wife, The (p) by Thomas-Hardy
Ixion In Heaven (s) by Benjamin-Disraeli
Iya, The Camp-Eater (s) by Zitkala-Sa
Vulture [Idler 22], The (e) by Samuel-Johnson