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Ashtaroth: A Dramatic Lyric

By Adam Lindsay Gordon


Title:     Ashtaroth: A Dramatic Lyric
Author: Adam Lindsay Gordon

Table of Content

1. Dramatis Personae
2. Scene 1. A Castle in Normandy
3. Scene 2. The Same
4. Scene 3. A Cliff on the Breton Coast, Overhanging the Sea
5. Scene 4. The Castle in Normandy
6. Scene 5. The Castle Hall
7. Scene 6. The Same
8. Scene 7. A Chamber in the Castle
9. Scene 8. A Chapel Not Very Far from Hugo's Castle
10. Scene 9. A Room in the Castle
11. Scene 10. A Road on the Norman Frontiers
12. Scene 11. An Apartment in a Wayside Inn
13. Scene 12. A Wooded Rising Ground, Near the Rhine
14. Scene 13. The Summit of a Burning Mountain
15. Scene 14. Chamber of a Wayside Inn
16. Scene 15. Another Wayside House, Near the Norman Frontier
17. Scene 16. A Rough, Hilly Country
18. Scene 17. A Peak in a Mountainous Country Overhanging a Rocky Pass
19. Scene 18. The Wayside House
20. Scene 19. A Camp Near the Black Forest
21. Scene 20. A Farm-house on the Rhine (About a mile from the Convent)
22. Scene 21. A Chamber in the Nuns' Apartments of the Convent
23. Scene 22. A Farm-house Near the Convent
24. Scene 23. The Guest Chamber of the Convent
25. Scene 24. The Corridor Outside the Guest Chamber
26. Scene 25. The Chapel of the Convent
27. Scene 26. The Guest Room of the Convent
28. Scene 27. The Outskirts of Rudolph's Camp
29. Scene 28. The Court-yard of the Old Farm
30. Scene 29. A Room in the Convent Tower Overlooking the Gate
31. Scene 30. A Room in the Convent
32. Scene 31. The Chapel of the Convent

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