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The Rebel of the School

By L. T. Meade


Title:     The Rebel of the School
Author: L. T. Meade

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. Sent To Coventry!
2. Chapter 2. High Life And Low Life
3. Chapter 3. The Wild Irish Girl
4. Chapter 4. The Home-Sick And The Rebellious
5. Chapter 5. Wit And Genius: The Plan Propounded
6. Chapter 6. The Poor Tired One
7. Chapter 7. The Queen And Her Secret Society
8. Chapter 8. The Box From Dublin And Its Treasures
9. Chapter 9. Conscience And Difficulties
10. Chapter 10. The Wild Irish Girls' Society Is Started
11. Chapter 11. The Blouse And The Robbery
12. Chapter 12. Tom Hopkins And His Way With Aunt Church
13. Chapter 13. Aunt Church At Dinner And The Consequences Thereof
14. Chapter 14. Ruth Resigns The Premiership
15. Chapter 15. The Scholarship: Trouble Is Brewing
16. Chapter 16. Kathleen Takes Ruth To Town
17. Chapter 17. Miss Katie O'flynn And Her Niece
18. Chapter 18. Susy Hopkins Persuades Aunt Church
19. Chapter 19. Ruth's Troubles And Susy's Preparations
20. Chapter 20. The Governors Of The School Examine Ruth
21. Chapter 21. The Society Meets At Mrs. Church's Cottage
22. Chapter 22. Ruth's Hard Choice: She Consults Her Grandfather
23. Chapter 23. Ruth Will Not Betray Kathleen
24. Chapter 24. Kathleen And Grandfather Craven
25. Chapter 25. Kathleen Has A Good Time In London
26. Chapter 26. The Right Side Of The Ledger
27. Chapter 27. After The Fun Comes The Deluge
28. Chapter 28. Who Was The Ringleader?
29. Chapter 29. End Of The Great Rebellion

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