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Rose in Bloom - A Sequel to "Eight Cousins"

By Louisa May Alcott


Title:     Rose in Bloom - A Sequel to "Eight Cousins"
Author: Louisa May Alcott

Table of Content

1. Chapter 1. Coming Home
2. Chapter 2. Old Friends with New Faces
3. Chapter 3. Miss Campbell
4. Chapter 4. Thorns Among the Roses
5. Chapter 5. Prince Charming
6. Chapter 6. Polishing Mac
7. Chapter 7. Phebe
8. Chapter 8. Breakers Ahead
9. Chapter 9. New Year's Calls
10. Chapter 10. The Sad and Sober Part
11. Chapter 11. Small Temptations
12. Chapter 12. At Kitty's Ball
13. Chapter 13. Both Sides
14. Chapter 14. Aunt Clara's Plan
15. Chapter 15. Alas for Charlie!
16. Chapter 16. Good Works
17. Chapter 17. Among the Haycocks
18. Chapter 18. Which Was It?
19. Chapter 19. Behind the Fountain
20. Chapter 20. What Mac Did
21. Chapter 21. How Phebe Earned Her Welcome
22. Chapter 22. Short and Sweet

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Name: Willie _____ [Date: 5/18/07]
Title: Move Over, Snow White!

Review/comment: Pride and envy divide the fictional kingdom of Larkwood, where talking animals are ruled by a human king. The tax office raises taxes on worms, so the creatures don't have enough to eat. Civil war breaks out when some of the creatures discover that you can hurt other people's feelings by forcing them to look in a mirror. The captain of the king's guards averts disaster, just before a huge battle takes place. This is a great book, with a great message! It makes us all think about what we're doing here, and how to get along with each other!

Name: anna _____ [Date: 6/30/07]

Review/comment: Rose in Bloom is one of the best books I ever read! It made me laugh, it made me cry, and I couldn't put it down! At first I really liked Charlie, but grew to love Mac. I read most of this book twice, some of it three times, and was truly depressed when it was over. I wish they had a movie on it! I couldn't read anything else for days after I finished it , because my heart was totally into this book. When I get older, I will try to make a movie on this book!

Name: Andie _____ [Date: 7/23/08]

Review/comment: I absolutely love this book! I actually cried when I read the part about Charlie dying. It was so sad. I love a book that makes me cry. I give it 5 stars.