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Extra Short-Story List 1 - Read online


Short Stories from Extra Story List 1 -- For many authors, if only one story per author is available at readbookonline.net, then its link will be listed below.

Abbott, Lyman

o Second Voyage Of Sindbad The Sailor, The

Alden, G. R.

o True Incident Of The San Francisco Earthquake, A

Allen, Emma S.

o Doctor's Cow, The

Apuleius, Lucius

o Adventure of the Three Robbers, The

Arsenie, Herr T. M.

o Old Woman And The Old Man, The

Aycock, Roger D.

o Control Group

Ballou, Giddings H.

o Tarantula, La

Barker, B.

o Blackbeard; Or, The Pirate Of Roanoke

Barlow, Jane

o A Lost Recruit

Beaumont, Mary

o Revenge Of Her Race, The

Becquer, Gustavo Adolfo

o Maese Perez, The Organist

Benjamin, Park

o End of New York, The

Berdyczewski, Micha Joseph

o Military Service

Berschadski, Isaiah

o Forlorn And Forsaken

Binford, Mrs. P.

o Little Protector, The

Blaisdell, Albert F.

o First Thanksgiving, The

Blinkin, Meyer

o Women, A Prose Poem

Braudes, Reuben Asher

o Misfortune, The

Brooks, Noah

o Lost In The Fog

Burdette, Robert Jones

o Rheumatism Movement Cure

Case, Nina

o Power Of Song, The

Chester, George Randolph

o Bargain Day At Tutt House

Chilson, Vera

o Saddest Of India's Pictures (1912), The

Clement, Lora

o David Livingstone

Cooke, Grace MacGowan

o Call, A

o Country Cat, The

Corelli, Marie

o Hired Baby, The

Creanga, Herr J.

o Little Purse With Two Half-Pennies, The

o Two Step-Sisters, The

Crinkle, Nym

o End Of All, The

Cuyler, Theodore L.

o Honor Thy Father And Thy Mother

Dawson, Coningsby

o Christmas Outside of Eden

Donnell, Annie Hamilton

o Adopted, The

o Bobby Unwelcome

o Boy, The

o Child, The

o Chip's Thanksgiving

o Lie, The

o Little Blue Overalls

o Little Girl Who Should Have Been A Boy, The

o Little Lover, The

o Princess Of Make-Believe, The

o Promise, The

o Recompense, The

Edwards, Amelia B.

o Four-Fifteen Express, The

Faris, John T.

o Samuel Smiles, The Author Of "Self-Help"

Fawcett, Edgar

o Lost Day, A

Frischmann, David

o Three Who Ate

Fyles, Franklin

o Only Girl At Overlook, The

Golden, Elisabeth

o Two Trifles

Griffin, Gerald

o Owney And Owney-Na-Peak

Hammond, E.

o Jack's Fidelity

Hyde, Douglas

o Man Who Never Knew Fear, The

Immermann, Karl

o Wonders In The Spessart, The

Jean Paul

o Moon, The

Jessop, George H.

o Emergency Men, The

Joyce, Patrick Weston

o Pursuit Of The Gilla Dacker, The

Keach, Benjamin

o Example, An

o Strength Of Clinton, The

Kirkland, Caroline M.

o Schoolmaster's Progress, The

Kock, Paul de

o Guilty Secret, The

Le Sage, Alain Rene

o Gil Blas And Dr. Sangrado

Lewin, Judah Lob

o Earth Of Palestine

Lockwood, Ingersoll

o Strange Adventures Of A Million Dollars

Loper, M. A.

o In The Home

Loring, H. W.

o Goldsmith Of Paris, The

Lover, Samuel

o Devil's Mill, The

o Gridiron, The

o Little Weaver Of Duleek Gate, The

Maclaren, Ian

o Doctor Of The Old School, A

Maskell, Mrs. A. E. C.

o Honey At The Phone

Maturin, Charles Rober

o Melmoth the Wanderer

Mille, Pierre

o Miracle of Zobeide, The

Miller, Joaquin

o Lion And A Lioness, A

Millet, Francis Davis

o Yatil

Montaigne, M. C.

o Fireman, The

Murger, Henry

o Passage Of The Red Sea, The

Musaeus, J. H.

o Libussa

Naumberg, Hirsh David

o Rav And The Rav's Son, The

O'Grady, Standish

o Coming Of Finn, The

o Cuchulain Of Muirthemne

o Knighting Of Cuculain, The

Oehlenschlager, Adam

o Ali And Gulhyndi, The

Oliver, Henry K.

o Sleigh-Ride, The


o Muriel's Bright Idea

Pardo Bazan, Emilia

o First Love


o Fugitive, The

Pierson, Arthur T.

o Moffat And Africaner

Pinski, David

o Reb Shloimeh

Pliny, The Younger

o Letter to Sura

Pompilin, Herr Miron

o Little Wild-Rose

Prevost, Marcel

o Woman And The Cat, The

Robert, Clemence

o Baron De Trenck

Robinson, F. W.

o Minions Of The Moon

Sawins, Alva H.

o My Mother's Ring

Schapiro, Lob

o If It Was A Dream

Smith, Brainard Gardner

o Tragedy Of High Explosives, A

Stilson, Charles B.

o Polaris Of The Snows

Stretton, Hesba

o Michel Lorio's Cross

Syrett, Netta

o Thy Heart's Desire

The Aikins

o Farm-Yard Journal, The

Tieck, Ludwig

o Klausenburg, The

Van Trump, S. W.

o Fighting The Good Fight

Velde, C. F. Van Der

o Axel

Vidocq, Eugene Francois

o Jean Monette

Villiers de L'Isle-Adam, Auguste

o Torture by Hope, The

Waite, Charles E.

o A Tale Of A Crusader

Wakefield, Priscilla

o Journal, The

Walters, Ethel Hobbs

o One Of Father's Stories

Webber, Cora

o Plain Bernice

Wheeler, J. W.

o Rescue of Old Glory, The

Whitmore, C. J.

o "Herrings For Nothing"


o Seanchan The Bard And The King Of The Cats

Youth's Companion

o Reprimand, The

Youth's Outlook

o What Rum Does

Zschokke, Heinrich

o Alamontade